EXCLUSIVE Review: Autumn Stay – Ghosts (Single)



Artist: Autumn Stay
Album: Ghosts – Single
Rating: 5/5

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any new material from Waco’s finest in Autumn Stay. Rest assured, they’ve been anything but dormant! With the release of their debut album, The Equinox back in 2012, we saw the birth of a great alternative metal outfit. Despite the production flaws in that album, their talent shined through without fail. To avoid having that happen again, they have appointed Shane Baggerly (Ever Since the Fire) to produce their as-of-yet untitled upcoming sophomore release. The first taste of that showcases a heavier side of the band, previously unexplored in full. Vocalist, Dani Blizzard, has tried a new approach to her vocals which really works for this track, really bringing out the emotion that is meant to be felt by the listener.

This track immediately slams you in the face when you first turn it on. Blizzard screams out “Why do you think that you can treat me like this?” throughout the chorus, signaling a bad relationship (in this case, with a mother). This is furthered by the opening line “I’m just another face to you, just another f**king waste of space to you!” Now, this particular track seems to be from a male perspective as you hear the line “Go medicate yourself on the lips of another man”. One thing is true, there is some deep hurt, frustration and rage behind this track lyrically. Furthered by that new-found heavier sound that AS has created, this really kicks you in the teeth. Do you like the taste of the blood in your mouth, yet? Good! We get further into the track, right before the bridge of the song. You think there’s going to be a breakdown… you wait for the build-up… and it doesn’t come! Don’t get too frustrated yet because while that build-up isn’t expressed musically, Dani screams at the top of her lungs, really dragging you into those feelings of rage!

If this is the direction that Autumn Stay is taking with their music, I am definitely on board! While this track has that rough, raw sound… fear not because there’s nary a feeling of disappointment in this 6 minute beast! Shane has done a wonderful job on helping these guys come up with good ideas and it really shows! Each individual member of Autumn Stay shines on their respective parts in this song.. which you really don’t see very much anymore. Were you a fan of The Equinox? Are you just now hearing of Autumn Stay? No matter the case, get over to their website (linked below) and check out “Ghosts” for yourself! If you like it, buy it for $1 and help them create more for us!