Exclusive Review: Dismisƨed – For Better or Worse

Artist: Dismisƨed
Album: For Better or Worse
Rating: 5/5

Dismisƨed is a band that quickly got on my radar, with the release of their debut single, “I’m Okay with Change” on BlankTV just 2 years ago. A heavy-hitting, heartfelt and explosive anthem that really wrapped itself around you, this was anything but your average post-hardcore. Flash forward 2 years later, the band has FINALLY released their debut EP, For Better or Worse, after many setbacks and, at times, uncertainty on whether or not it would even see the light of day. The result? 5 tracks of emotional, riff-laden and captivating post-hardcore that will change the way you see the genre.

It was clear from the release of “I’m Okay with Change” that these guys were ready for the big time. Their talent is undeniable and their delivery is impeccable. What’s more, each track on the EP has something different to offer. While “I’m Okay with Change” has a heavier, almost hardcore feel to it, “Worth Your Time” finds you focusing on the melody of the chorus. Kevin Lacerda (It Lives, It Breathes/Stay Sick Recordings) lends his amazing vocal talent to “Empty Home,” finds you zoning into the sudden change in pace, toward the end of the song and sees an underlying acoustic layer, coupled with a really emotional vocal ending. The melody in the guitar parts really shines in “Lilac Eyes” and the track, itself, even has more of a pop-infused feel to it, in the delivery. Finally, the album’s closer, “Flatlining” is relentless, the heaviest track on the album… coupling those mid-range screams we’ve heard throughout the rest with some deadly lower-range growls.

For Better or Worse, was every bit worth the long wait that fans of the bands have had to endure. These guys have created something to truly be proud of. Every second of this EP is something to be envied and really shows their worth as musicians, which is an unbelievable amount of collective, and individual, talent. Be sure to check out the official lyric video for “I’m Okay with Change,” as well as download your copy for Pay-What-You-Want on BandCamp or pick it up on digital retailers such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc today!

“I’m Okay with Change” (Official Lyric Video)

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