Exclusive Review: Dismissed – I’m Okay With Change (Single)

Artist: Dismissed
Album: I’m Okay With Change – Single
Rating: 5/5

Change. It’s scary, yet inevitable. So what is it that makes us so afraid of it if, after all, we have grown used to it throughout our lives? Comfort-ability is the answer. We get used to our routines, we put ourselves in a state of auto-pilot and when the program needs to be adjusted, we’re fearful of what it could do. There comes a time in all of our lives where we have to accept that…. we have to say “I’m Okay With Change”. New Hampshire’s Dismissed¬†has released their debut single of the same name which deals with the issue of alcohol abuse. It ruins lives, it ruins families and it can be an inherited trait…. but there’s always a way out. You can fight it but it will always be there, “Every day’s a constant struggle, knowing I could end up just like you: drowning all my sorrows”¬†vocalist Evan Middleton cries out, reflecting on this constant battle inside. This is one of the deepest songs I’ve heard in awhile and I’m guaranteeing that fans who have dealt with this issue or known someone who had this struggle will latch on to it’s message. For those of you struggling: Dismissed is telling you never to lose hope, if you fight hard enough, you can always win. Some people don’t seem to realize that beneath all the “yelling and loud guitars”… there is something so much deeper… something that can’t be expressed in any other way through any other genre than metal and it’s sub-genres. You can call us angst-ridden, you can call us “emo”… but us metalheads are bound by these messages… and unless you join us, it’s likely you’ll never understand. I want to give props to the guys in Dismissed for creating such a beautiful track… check out the lyric video, courtesy of BeheadingTheTraitor below, along with the download link! Support these guys! I, for one, can’t wait to hear more from them!

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