Exclusive Review: Drop the Act – Guide Me Away (Single)

Artist: Drop the Act
Album: Guide Me Away – Single
Rating: 5/5

It’s no secret that new beginnings can be terrifying. When it comes to bands, and the decision to experiment with a new sound, it’s even moreso. If you’ve established a good fanbase, who are used to the sound that you’d seemingly solidified, it can cause some division. For our friends in PA’s Drop the Act, though and the new chapter that begins with their latest single, “Guide Me Away,” they knew that the change would be worth it.

Expanding upon their pop-punk sound, adding in a more alternative feel and even some background screams, they’ve created a sound that has caused me to fall even more in love than before. Where their debut album, Let’s Plan a Robbery, focused on a more playful and nostalgic pop-punk sound, a-la New Found Glory, “Guide Me Away” takes a more serious approach. The songwriting is more mature, both lyrically and musically, adding in more melody to the guitar parts, a bigger sound from the rhythm section (drums especially) and an overall more solidified feel. The track’s theme focuses on how true love can be a catalyst for positive change in an individual’s life. As they’ve continued to do in the past, they seek to bring a positive message through their music and vocalist Matt Priscilla has never been more direct in his approach. They keep their catchy nature, while bringing more attention to themselves, individually, as well. Guitarist Adam Kaminski delivers a few powerful, low-ended background screams, that really add character to the end of the 2nd verse.

“Guide Me Away” screams maturity, in all aspects of who Drop the Act is. Individually, it shows each member’s strengths in what they do. You’ve got some incredible guitar passages from Kaminski and Jacob Hoffman, Priscilla commands his vocal position with absolute professionalism and precision, bassist Joshua Hoffman’s lines are extremely prominent in the mix, providing a strong backbone for it all and Alfano’s drum parts sound bigger than ever, simplistic but impressive nonetheless. Overall, if you were ever a fan of the band, you’ll find yourself falling in love all over again, after hearing “Guide Me Away.” Check it out below, pick it up on iTunes and be sure to follow these guys into this new chapter in their career. One thing’s for sure, they’ve got an incredibly bright future ahead of them and we’re excited to see where it goes!

“Guide Me Away” (Official Audio Stream)

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Drop the Act is:

Matt Priscilla – Vocals
Jacob Daniel Hoffman – Guitar/Bass
Adam Kaminski – Guitar/Vocals
Joshua Hoffman – Bass
Adam Alfano – Drums

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