Exclusive Review: Drop The Act – Let’s Plan A Robbery

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Artist: Drop The Act
Album: Let’s Plan A Robbery
Rating: 10/10

Track List
1. “The Only Reason I Hold On”
2. “Truth in Consequences”
3. “Friendzoned”
4. “Would You Like To Eat My Candy Paw”
5. “Second String”
6. “Drunk In January”
7. “Stay Close”
8. “Tattoos, Gauges and Ripped Jeans”
9. “Fake It Till You Make It”
10. “I’m Not A Gentleman, I’m A Sellout”

Since my colleague, David Voidspeak, introduced me to Fourth Quarter Comeback a couple years ago, I haven’t been into a whole lot of newer pop-punk. That all changed when I accidentally stumbled upon New Castle, PA Drop The Act‘s video for “Friendzoned” which featured the infamous Fred (AKA the FHRITP-guy). From that moment, I knew that I had to hear more… so I took a chance and emailed the band, resulting in my first pop-punk exclusive ever! The guys have been around for a little while, releasing an EP titled When The Going Gets Tough in 2013. Now, they’re geared up to release their debut full-length, aptly titled Let’s Plan A Robbery in April of this year… and it’s beyond anything I’ve heard in the genre in years! It’s one of those albums that deserves to be listened to from front to back, never tiring and never failing the listener. How exactly does it stack up against others in the genre over the years, though? Well… let’s examine that.

First, most pop-punk albums these days begin to grow stale these days. I can honestly say that I’ve listened to this album at least 20 times, never getting bored of it and never skipping a single song. I can’t say that for many albums these days and even moreso for most albums in this genre. It’s incredibly catchy, you’ll find yourself singing along after a couple listens… without even realizing it! These songs will get stuck in your head and you’ll love every second of it! The album is perfectly titled Let’s Plan A Robbery… but it’s not a typical robbery that they’re planning. The album cover is a blueprint that points out all of the consistencies in every pop-punk band (parents’ basement, crazy ex-girlfriend and, of course, pizza)… it’s quite comical because the REAL blueprint is a very successful method to rob the listener of their heart.

Through every listen of this album, you’ll find something new to love about the band. Whether it’s vocalist Matt Priscilla’s very old-school NFG-esque vocal style, coupled with his amazing lyrics, guitarists Adam Kaminski and Jacob Hoffman’s killer riffs, drummer Adam Alfano’s ability to beat the skins like a pro or, one of the stars of the show for this album, the bass lines coming from Joshua Hoffman… which create a nice, strong backbone for the music… there’s something for everyone. I can imagine, seeing this band live, that there are a ton of crowd participation opportunities because every song speaks to the listener, every song provides an opportunity to get involved and sing your heart out… and every song has something to grasp about it.

Usually, I can find a couple tracks to point out for focus… but I honestly don’t think any of them on this album are WORTH skipping. Each track is perfectly placed, perfectly arranged and perfectly executed. There is only one more album I’ve been able to say that about for the year of 2015 so far (which you’ll see my review for later this year). Please, do yourselves a favor, pick up Let’s Plan A Robbery which is scheduled for a tentative April 30th release and is available for pre-order on iTunes and Google Play! In the meantime, check out the official video for “Friendzoned” and the official lyric video for “Truth In Consequences” below and get pumped for one of the best pop-punk albums you’ll hear this year!

“Friendzoned ft. Fred AKA the FHRITP-guy” (Official Music Video)

“Truth In Consequences” (Official Lyric Video)

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Drop The Act is:
Matt Priscilla (@dropthe_matt) – Vocals
Adam Kaminski (@droptheadam) – Guitar
Jacob Hoffman (@dropthejacob) – Guitar
Joshua Hoffman (@drop_the_hoff) – Bass
Adam Alfano (@creamthe_act) – Drums