EXCLUSIVE Review: Of Euphoria – Fall Where It May

Fall Where It May Cover
Artist: Of Euphoria
Album: Fall Where It May
Label: Afflicted Records

Everyone who is capable of reading this should know the meaning of “euphoria”. If you don’t, the textbook definition is: a feeling or state of intense excitement or happiness. When you listen to Covina’s Of Euphoria, that’s just what you get. If you’re into bands like We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, The Color Morale or the like… you will find yourself smitten by the immense talents of these 6 young gentlemen. Signed to Afflicted Records earlier this year, their debut EP, Fall Where It May is everything you could hope for in a post-hardcore and more. If they stick to tracks that are this amazing in the future, we may well just see them signed to a larger label! These guys have shared the stage with the likes of bands like I See Stars, Iwrestledabearonce, Crown the Empire, Jamie’s Elsewhere and The World alive so far… and they have booked shows with We Came As Romans, As Blood Runs Black, The Browning, Being As An Ocean and more! But what is it, exactly, that makes this EP so appealing? Let’s examine this further, shall we?

Let’s start with the atmospheric nature of this EP. Of course, on the surface it sounds like your typical post-hardcore release… but when you get further in, you start to realize how beautiful, atmospheric and overall impressive it truly is! Starting with the first track, “Standing on the Edge of the World” which, in the beginning, is reminiscent of Chunk! No, Captain. Chunk! or These Hearts… you get something far from ordinary. Vocalist Bobby Viscarra’s screams are up to par with the best in the genre today, keyboardist/clean vocalist Sam Vary’s vocals are definitely something unique in the genre as well. It’s only fitting that they’ve shared the stage with who they have because they fit into each and every category with these mammoth bands! Every track was carefully crafted with the utmost professionalism, attention to detail and, most of all, the love they have for their fans. You can tell that they poured their heart and souls out in this record and it makes for, not only an incredible listening experience but an insatiable appetite for more! The EP’s run-time is 23 minutes but they need only about 3-4 before their blowing your mind and have you captivated. One of my favorite tracks, personally, is “Just Looking”, the 2nd track on the album. It’s got a semi-melancholy feel throughout but it’s got uplifting, hope-driven lyrics that really reel the listener in and, if you’ve ever felt like you failed in ANY sense, this track is going to hit you hard. It’s a track about self-discovery, a track about finding out who your friends are and finding a place where you truly belong in this world. I won’t spoil all the surprises but, suffice it to say, there is plenty of diversity in the 23 minutes this EP will be in your ears. With each subsequent listen, though, you’ll feel that sense of uniformity in the band as well. You can tell that these guys love each other and truly have fun doing this. Their ultimate goal is for fans to embrace their music, embrace the message and truly enjoy every minute of every listen. From my first listen of their debut single, “Separations”, this was apparent. A beautiful, cataclysmal track that will keep you on the edge of your seat as well as grab you by the heart, much like the way it seems to grip your throat, as if to say “Listen, this isn’t the end… you’ll struggle, but you will get through this!”.

Of Euphoria is one of my 3 favorite bands on the Afflicted Records roster and I believe that they’ve got big things in their future. This 6-piece post-hardcore outfit is one of few these days that can not only destroy a venue but leave spectators at a loss for words, with a sense of hope and peace within them at the end of it all. If you don’t pick up Fall Where It May at one of the shows on their current “Turn Down For H’wat” tour, be sure to listen to it on YouTube, buy it and let them know what you think! After all, this is a band that listens to and thrives from their fans feedback! You can pick up a pre-order package by using their StorEnvy link below! Fall Where It May will be out on October 14th via Afflicted Records!

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