Exclusive Review: Freak The Mighty – Their Lies, The Truth (Single)

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Artist: Freak the Mighty
Album: Their Lies, The Truth – Single
Rating: 5/5

“Renewed, re-energized and boasting a few brand new members, OK’s Freak the Mighty is back to kick ass and take names. With the departure of vocalist Josh Hight, shortly after the release of their debut EP “Remember the Monsters”, and their rhythm and bass guitarists, Macy Mitchell and Cody Ray, this recharged line-up is clearly the one to beat! The remainder of FTM, guitarist Rick Mendoza (now moved to rhythm guitar) and drummer Kyle Combs, are now joined by vocalist Chris Wigham and lead guitarist Rikki Spradlin which results in a whole new dynamic. This fiery foursome are out to prove something and that begins with their new single, “Their Lies, The Truth.

First off, a killer riff drops you into the song and gets your head bobbing. You don’t know whether to headbang or break stuff…. But you love it! It isn’t until we hear Wigham’s vocals come in, though, that we begin to get a feeling what an epic monster they’ve become. Crisp and clear, exactly what the band needed to step their game up, backed by some extreme talent, you’re armed to join the FREAK nation. The song may sound slightly familiar to older fans of the band, due to the fact that it’s a reworked version of “Stones” from their debut EP. You haven’t heard anything like this, though. Power-packed into just under 3 minutes is an enormous amount of energy, surely more incredible in a live setting. Spradlin shows off a bit toward the end, giving us a short blazing solo, ending an incredible ride.

“Their Lies, The Truth” shows just how far FTM have come since their humble beginnings and proves that they’re in it for the long run. Its everything you’ve wanted to hear from the band, whether you knew it or not, and shows how tightly-woven the guys have become. They are currently in the studio working on more tunes but, if this is any indication, you’d be a fool not to be begging for more! Look for a full EP with the new lineup to come soon and you can bet New Transcendence will be behind it!”

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Freak The Mighty is:
Chris Wigham – Vocals
Rikki Spradlin – Lead Guitar
Ricky Mendoza – Rhythm Guitar
Kyle Combs – Drums