Exclusive Review: Infidel – Infidel

Artist: Infidel
Album: Infidel – EP
Rating: 4/5

It takes a lot for me to enjoy a hardcore album or EP so, when I heard Infidel‘s debut, self-titled EP, I was honestly very surprised by how great it is! The immediate take-away is that this music was created out of a true love for hardcore, a dedication like no other and, most of all, for fun. The band still has great room for improvement but I will definitely be behind them after this. Straight out the gate, you’re met with a riveting quote from the 2005 film Jarhead and thrown into the chaos as “Patriotism Under Fire” begins. This track takes a very strong stance against those who think it’s “trendy” or “cool” to discredit, disrespect or otherwise “fuck with this country”. Vocalist Andrew Thomas repeatedly belts out “TRAITORS LIKE THAT, I JUST REALLY WANNA KILL ‘EM!” This is a group of crazy hardcore punks out of MI , led by an ex-Navy “supastar” as he puts it, so this subject is something that is very real, trying and pressing to Thomas who has served this country in the past.

After the thrash-fest ends, it’s time to show “What We’re Made Of”. This track is about overcoming your fears, your past and giving life your all. This is where we begin to see a bit more diversity from the band, as clean vocals (rather than shouts) are added into the mix. This track is directed at every single person who has ever put the band and, by extension anyone listening, down. The haters, doubters, bullies, and everyone who’s ever put you down or told you that you’d never make it? It’s time to show them “What We’re Made Of”! Also includes the iconic line from 300 of “THIS IS SPARTA!” before closing out and leading us into a darker territory. This sample is only on the first 100 hard copies of the EP so, if you’ve got one… cherish it because, you’ve got an Infidel rarity!

I remember hearing the demo of “Call of the Wild” which features Keith Allen of NY hardcore band, GhostxShip and thinking “Wow, this song has a really powerful message… they’re onto something here.” This track takes a strong moral stance against those who abuse animals… specifically, the commercialized selling of their meat. “From the cage to the killing floor, death comes calling behind closed doors! Blood-soaked smiles won’t hide the truth, now it’s all coming back to haunt you!”

Still one of my favorite tracks on the EP is “Protect and Serve” which features former label mate, D.J. Bean of For All Who Fail. Police brutality is a strong force in and around Detroit, MI.. this track is focused on those individuals in law enforcement, or any governmental agency, who uses fear tactics and brutality to get their job done when they really don’t need it. “Hardcore lives so you know you’ll hear that bark and feel that sharp dog bite! Excessive force is what brought us here, you abuse your power, control with fear!” This is a song all about taking the power back into the hands of the people, starting with hardcore music!

This 6-song EP (complete with a cover from the legendary H2o) is, sadly, a lot shorter than you might hope… but fear not because, if I know Andrew and his boys… they aren’t going to sleep on opportunities to get some more music out there as soon as they can! Even if you’re not a fan of hardcore, you’d be crazy not to check this album out. You can check it out via the Soundcloud stream below, as well as buying it on the band’s official store!

Infidel (Official EP Stream) (Soundcloud)

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