EXCLUSIVE Review: The Novelist – Dead and Judged EP


Artist: The Novelist
Album: Dead and Judged
Rating: 5/5

Idaho’s progressive metal outfit, The Novelist, has been breaking the boundaries of what is typical since the very beginning. They released their first single, “Under the Light”, which I reviewed a couple months ago. That single was a masterpiece in, and of, itself but that’s only the icing on the cake. Their debut EP, “Dead and Judged” which you can stream below, is truly one of the best pieces of work I’ve heard in awhile. Adding to the mix, there are 2 incredible guest vocalists. Shawn Spann (I, The Breather) features on the track, “Aftershock” while Dan Gardner (Watch This Burn) features on the track “Pages”. Both vocalists bring the fire to their respective parts and are an incredible addition to this mind-blowing EP. Being destructive and brutal, while keeping meaning in your lyrics isn’t always an easy task, but they’ve got it down to an art!

If you’re a fan of heavy and meaningful music… you’ll want to check out The Novelist. Collectively and solo, vocalist Graham Hartman, guitarists Dylan Hamar and Gary Becker, bassist Josh Webb and drummer Dillon Erickson were born to make music. My favorite track on the EP is “Pages” which has a great amount of sentimental meaning for Hamar. There is not a bad song on this EP and the solos, especially on the track “White Lines” are pretty insane! Check out the EP below and give them, and us, your feedback!

Stream “Dead and Judged” (SoundCloud Playlist)

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