Exclusive Review: She Pulled the Trigger – Dying to Shine (Single)

Artist: She Pulled the Trigger
Album: Dying to Shine – Single
Rating: 5/5

There is a band from Lancaster, PA that is quickly becoming one of my favorite newer bands. Not because of their ability to breathe new life into the radio rock scene, not because of how quickly they’re growing. This band is loyal to their fans, have an incredibly positive message to spread and are all about having fun while doing it! 4 individuals, Chris & Nick Zell, Patrick Kearney and Ricky Leblanc collectively make up a hard rock force to be reckoned with known as She Pulled The Trigger. They took the world by storm with their debut single, “Stand Up and Fight,” soon after opening up for Framing Hanley at the world-famous Chameleon Club, beginning their legacy in the right light. Now, they’ve returned with their sophomore single, “Dying to Shine” which continues to spread a positive message. While this track is more on the melodic side than their previous single, it has a profound impact on the listener.

“Dying to Shine” touches on a few different subjects. The first, and most obvious, being that it’s alright to want to be different. No matter what, the same blood runs through our veins. We all bleed red, we are all dying to prove to the world that we’re different from the rest. In essence, we’re all “Dying to shine” as the title suggests. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Zell has an explosive aura about him as he belts out the chorus. The track, as a whole, is incredibly infectious and you’ll find yourself quickly breaking your replay button. Reminiscent of bands like Breaking Benjamin, Matt Walst-era Three Days Grace and tinges of influence from their/our good friends in From Ashes to New… these guys have proven they know what they’re doing. The video (below) sees the band by a waterfront scene, putting their all into every ounce of their performances. Both individually and collectively, they clearly have a lot to prove to the masses. You can tell this isn’t a typical performance video, this is a battlecry. A way to say that they’re not going to be held down anymore, nothing will stop them from achieving their goals and nothing should stop you from doing so either! The gang vocals between Zell, Kearney and Leblanc add an incredible dynamic to the chorus, making it that much better.

She Pulled The Trigger is a band that will have you singing along, banging your head and pull at your heart strings, all in one fell swoop. They’re anything but ordinary and, if you haven’t given it already, they deserve your attention. Check out the videos for both “Stand Up and Fight” and “Dying to Shine” below and pick both singles up on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or your favorite digital retailer. The band is currently writing music for their debut album, tentatively scheduled for release sometime in 2016 and you don’t want to be left behind!

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“Dying to Shine” (Official Music Video)

“Stand Up and Fight” (Official Music Video)

She Pulled The Trigger is:
Chris Zell – lead vocals/guitar
Patrick Kearney – lead guitar/vocals
Nick Zell – drums
Ricky Leblanc – bass/vocals