Exclusive Review: She Pulled The Trigger – No Matter What

Artist: She Pulled The Trigger
Album: No Matter What
Rating: 10/10

Track list:
Battle Scars
Dying to Shine
Living on the Edge
Without a Doubt
Make Me
Ugly Angels
Further Forward (feat. Stef w/an F)
Stand Up and Fight

She Pulled The Trigger is a hard rock/alternative metal band out of Lancaster, PA, that have made quite a name for themselves. Despite their constant rise in popularity, though, they felt like something was missing. When the band’s line-up had an unexpected change, they decided to go back to their roots. With that in mind, they decided to remain a 3-piece outfit, but these weren’t just any three members. These were the three that started it all: Chris Zell (Vocals/Guitar), Nick Zell (Drums) and Tyler Travis (Bass) who had played together in a previous band, ZELL. Having already released two EPs, they had begun to find their sound but they knew that something was missing. It wasn’t until this new incarnation of the band began to write more music together, that they realized just how well they clicked. Before the official announcement of their permanent line-up change, they decided to record and release three new singles: “Further Forward,” “Ugly Angels” and “Bound to Burn.” Above anything, these songs showed a new side of the band, both in terms of their talents and their songwriting abilities. These songs still had the ability to reach fans on an emotional level but there was clearly something about them that made them shine. “Further Forward,” written by Nick Zell, was the first track to feature him on vocals and explores a more intimate side of their sound. With these songs released and gaining attention, the band quietly finished work on their debut album. Call everything they’ve released prior to this album demos, because while each of these songs have been released in some form in the past… they’ve never come to life the way they do on this album.

In an effort to show that nothing would stop them, they decided to title this album No Matter What. Rather than put these songs all on one collection and call it a day, they carefully crafted the track list to achieve maximum emotional and musical impact. From the album opener, “Battle Scars,” to the last notes of the first song they ever wrote, “Stand Up and Fight,” these tracks resonate with an extreme amount of passion and, overall, a message of hope for those who choose to listen. From start to finish, the listener will find themselves entranced and thrown through a roller-coaster of emotions. Powerhouse vocalist, Stef Huschka (aka Stef w/an F from City of the Weak), brings about a new dimension to “Further Forward” as both vocalists voices collide with one another, in just the right way, and bring a new level of excitement to the track. The new, piano-driven, intro to “Stand Up and Fight” might be one of my favorite new additions to these tracks yet. Perfectly flowing into Zell’s faded out cry of “stand up and fight!” This, seemingly small, addition to an already incredible track creates a whole new atmosphere and way of drawing the listener in.

If you’re thinking that this is just another hard rock album, you’re sadly mistaken. These songs tell a story of the rise and fall of the world, as individuals, as well as send a message of hope, meant to evoke a change within humanity and stop what seems to be the inevitable. These words are words of desperation, anger, sadness, joy and a rallying cry for change. Above all, though, this is a reminder to the listener that No Matter What you are going through, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Please, take the time to digest these songs when No Matter What is released on June 22nd. You can pre-order the album via iTunes below and a limited amount of physical copies will be available at a later date!

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She Pulled the Trigger is:

Chris Zell – Vocals/Guitar
Tyler Travis – Bass
Nick Zell – Drums