Exclusive Review: She Pulled the Trigger – Now or Never

Artist: She Pulled the Trigger
Album: Now or Never
Rating: 5/5

Above the population of Earth, a cataclysmic event rears its ugly head. Fire, destruction and absolute carnage will soon sweep over the human race. With that in mind, one group of friends comes together to explore the possibility of saving the planet. Those individuals, known by the moniker She Pulled the Trigger, will use the power of music to open the eyes of the population… but will it work? The scene I’ve described is terrifying to think about but, in reality, that is exactly what we’re headed towards. Every day, people are dying in the streets. Looters, riots, racism, bigotry, corruption, hatred… abundant in every corner of this world. If we’re headed towards certain demise, we might as well have a killer soundtrack, right? All jokes aside, the band’s sophomore EP, Now or Never, forces the listener to take a step back and examine the horrifying realities that exist here. Rather than a scare tactic, the title is calling on you to realize that, if we don’t take a stand and try to make a difference now… it may be too late.

Having revamped their lineup, their sound and their overall aesthetic… they’ve taken their craft to the next level. Honing in on a more aggressive, straight-forward sound and a lyrical concept that focuses on a pre-apocalyptic existence, they continue to set themselves apart. Vocalist Chris Zell, especially, has honed into his range and his delivery, causing the listener to feel the emotion in each and every word he sings. Meanwhile, guitarist Patrick Kearney creates a new dimension to the music with his meticulous attention to detail. Flashy guitar work, blazing solos and memorable riffs will keep you on the edge of your seat. A very welcome change, as well, is that we hear a good bit of low-end, as the mix brings Tyler Travis’ bass lines front and center.

The band more than proved themselves worthy of your attention with 10,000 Worlds Away, but tracks like the title track, “Now or Never” will demand it, rather than ask for it. Within a single listen, you’ll find yourself singing along to the unforgettable melodies of tracks like “You Make Me” and “Homesick.” Beyond everything, though, the music carries with it a message of hope. Regardless of the direction that the world is headed, we can band together and make a difference. She Pulled the Trigger is giving a voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and an air of faith to the faithless. These guys have worked tirelessly over the past year to really bring you something that you can, not only, jam time and time again.. but be proud to own. Be sure to pick up your copy, it’ll be out soon! For now, you can check out the music videos for “Now or Never” and “Without a Doubt” below, for a taste of what’s to come!

She Pulled the Trigger is:

Chris Zell – Vocals
Patrick Kearney – Lead Guitar
Tyler Travis – Bass
Chris Chapman- Drums

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