EXCLUSIVE Review: Reconcera – Scumwrecker (Single)

Artist: Reconcera
Album: Scumwrecker – Single
Rating: 5/5

Silence: It can be golden but it can also be nerve-wrecking. If you’ve followed Saint Charles metal quartet, Reconcera, you will have noticed there has been a long period of silence since their debut release, Reconcera. Now, not knowing what they sounded like before, I had to go back and listen to their debut EP… and I was quite impressed by that alone. Fear not, for they are ready to return, smashing you in the face when they do so! Rather than approach this new sound with their metalcore roots, they have decided to go straight to almost hardcore status with their brand new single “Scumwrecker”. The single begins with a riff that may be reminiscent of 90s nu-metal… but that’s where your perception will begin to skew. Vocalist, Joshua Smith comes in swinging with the whole band backing him with heavy instrumentals. “My life is caving in and I don’t know what to do!” Throughout this song, you can feel a struggle but the character in the story keeps looking to the Heavens to keep him on the right path. So what does “Scumwrecker” have to do with that? I believe that, like most metal titles, this is just a title… nothing more, nothing less. However, if we pick apart the song lyrically… we might find that it could be something related to facing/defeating your inner demons. Whatever it is, these guys have definitely created a solid single and, what I believe, will be a major surprise for fans. Will they love it? That’s something that only the fans themselves can decide but I recommend it to any fan of heavy music with a good message! Watch out for Reconcera’s new EP coming later this year and check out “Scumwrecker” for yourself below!