EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Towers – Burn With Me [Single/2015]


Artist: Towers

“Burn With Me” Single

It has been called “The Great Destroyer,” leveled countless towns and reduced populations of thousands to piles of ash. It is difficult to stop and even harder to contain and control–men and women have lost their lives starting it, running from it and fighting it. “It” of course is fire–humanity’s greatest ally and devilishly uncontrollable undoing. It defies servitude–but master it Towers have. With their latest single, “Burn With Me” Towers have outdone their already immense debut EP, honing their unique style of deathcore that hinges on the border of technical and tremendous, beefy brutality.

“Burn With Me” sees Towers igniting a blaze fierce enough to engulf the entire world and devastating enough to blacken it to its core. If it wasn’t abundantly clear on Into the Void, it certainly is on “Burn”: Towers are masters at melding murderous heaviness and fleetly-fretted technicality. “Burn With Me” sees the band sticking with their tried-and-true song structure, oscillating between brutality and technicality with marvelous ease. Where “Burn With Me” truly showcases maturation and improvement over the band’s previous work is in the riffs that drive it along and the percussion that serves as its base; every aspect of Towers’ instrumentation is improved with intensity amplified tenfold. Towers’ vocal element is largely the same–but that isn’t a problem in the slightest. Still packed with grisly growls and screeching, ear-splitting screams, “Burn With Me” is a product of Towers’ absolute vocal brilliance, from the first shout to the last syllable.

On “Burn With Me,” Towers take the listener on a tour of their most technical riffs, speediest drumming and superior vocals–guiding them through an infernal four minutes that is well worth it’s name. With “Burn With Me” being the first of much more to come from New York’s heaviest, it would be wise of the listener to invest in a fire extinguisher–they’re going to need it.

For Fans Of: In Trenches, The Alaskan, Oceano, Rex By: Connor Welsh