Exclusive Review: Varsity – Risen (Official Music Video)


This is something new us, here at New Transcendence. A music video can be a beautiful thing. It can tell the story behind the lyrics we hear in the artist’s music or it can answer questions that we had when listening to it. At times, it can be just a simple performance video but it’s a work of art, all the same. With the release of NYC’s VΛRSITYs video for their newest banger of a single, “Risen,” they’ve definitely done the former of the two. Working with Alex over at Black Wolf Imaging, they’ve managed to show just how much fun they have together as a band, as well as create a twisted video that tells the story behind this track. The video sees vocalist Joey Varela being tortured by his inner demons before making her way to each of the other band members (in the form of 3 different women). The video adds a dark twist, showing just how tough it can be to fight off those demons. As this demon continues to taunt the band, one by one, she finally snaps Varela’s neck as he looks into the camera. This is the first we’ve seen of the new members in action (unless you’ve been to a show) and really shows how tight-knit they already are. It goes to show that they’re about more than just business. This song is a take on how much of a toll it can take when those you love just bury you with their words. They tell you you’ll never be good enough, you’ll never make it and it pushes you to be the best you can be. In a way, this is the band saying goodbye to who they once were and embracing the future. Varsity started out as a solo project from Varela and it’s grown into one of the most impressive post-hardcore phenomenons you’ll hear today. With smooth, R&B like vocals, fine-tuned, precision point screaming and an incredible amount of talent on the musical end, you won’t find a band who deserves your attention more than these 5 young musicians. Join us as we continue our journey with them through the future. I can assure you, it’s looking very bright! Check out the video for “Risen” below and be sure to let us/them know what you think!

Varsity is:
Joey Varela – Clean Vocals // Guitar 
Danny Ravenhall – Guitar // Programming // Strings 
Javy Dorrejo – Bass // Screams |
Chad Joseph – Drums 

Marlene Mendoza – Guitar 
Linn Win – Guitar