EXCLUSIVE Review/Premiere: For All Who Fail – Boats and Bros – Single


Artist: For All Who Fail
Album: Boats and Bros – Single
Rating: 5/5

From the very beginning, IN’s For All Who Fail are a band who, while very impressive, didn’t quite hit the mark with their debut single, “Demons”. Boasting a very rough sound, both musically and vocally, they had a long way to go. However, after announcing their signing to independent label, Afflicted Records, they released a single that really destroyed all perception I had about them. That single, “Thanks Paolo” was the lead single from their upcoming label debut, Rebirth. This single showed that they really had massive amounts of potential, most of which was held back in “Demons”. Their newest single, “Boats and Bros”, which you can listen to below, is quite possibly their most fluid and cohesive work to date, though.

It always follows that the songs with the oddest titles tend to be the most impressive, “Boats and Bros” is no exception to that. Leading in with a symphonic section, this track explodes when vocalist Doug screams “Oh my god, I’m falling apart!”. Teetering somewhere pop/punk and metalcore, this track unleashes all of the potential this band has and truly shows that these boys are more than meets the eye. This track is about a relationship that has fallen apart, for whatever reason. While this is a pretty typical subject in the genre, FAWF have a way of conveying this story in a way that very few bands can. If you know what it feels like to listen to a song from The Color Morale, the way that Garret Rapp manages to get the listener to feel, relate, and adhere to whatever subject he is singing about, you will know the level of emotion that this track radiates. The back and forths between Doug and D.J. make this track all the more epic.

If you’ve enjoyed either of their previous two singles, I can guarantee you will fall in love with “Boats and Bros”, a big claim but the music speaks for itself! Be sure to check it out and pick up Rebirth when it drops on Afflicted Records later this year!

“Boats and Bros” (Official Audio)

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