EXCLUSIVE Single Review: “Albatross” – Deity [2014]


Artist: Deity

“Albatross” – Single


It hangs from your neck, itchy, heavier with every step you take and breath you use to fill your lungs. Black, damp and cancerous it becomes a part of you—a part of you that exists to destroy every shred of positivity and livelihood you hold dear. It is the second single by Texan titans Deity: “Albatross.” Fresh off of the heels of their smash hit debut, “Feed,” Deity are back again, this time with a (somehow) improved example of their unique, energetic fervor and dissonant, crushing heaviness. “Albatross” is a lecherous, lurid track with a thirst for evil so strong it will easily suck every shred of light from the listener’s life—leaving them to enjoy the track in the darkness.

Where “Feed” was two minutes of non-stop, constantly crushing heaviness, “Albatross” is a much more fluid, involved listen. Here, the band actively toggle between energetic riffing—with improved, prominent and plodding bass tone—to a dark, dank dissonant chug that Black Tongue or Traitors could only dream of capturing. Deity use a vastly refined and improved dynamic and strong, unshaking song structure to deliver the same raw, raunchy hate they displayed on their debut track. In this sense, the band have taken an already catchy display of down-tempo prowess and sculpted it into an obelisk to brooding beatdown blended with brutalizing deathcore—in a sense, they have crafted a perfect breed of deathcore, making these Texans true Deities.


By: Connor Welsh

For Fans Of: Rex, Widow, Traitors, Black Tongue, Kingmaker