EXCLUSIVE: Subtract – Peace Through Vengeance [Single/2013]

Peace Through Vengeance


Artist: Subtract

Single: Peace Through Vengeance


Have you ever played “would you rather” with your friends? It’s a pretty common game to kill time or break the ice. So, the members of Subtract have a question for you: would you rather be cut by a thousand knives, or crushed by a thousand-pound boulder? With their new single, “Peace Through Vengeance,” you don’t have to choose. The song begins with a series of absolutely crushing, down-tempo grooves which absolutely obliterate the listener, crushing their spine and flattening their organs. However, just as the tempo begins to speed up, and the track begins to pick up, a surprise guest vocalist joins the fray, and cuts like tens of thousands of razors along the listener’s skin. Colin Sharkey, vocalist of progressive hardcore band, Barrier, ads a whole new feel to the song, and by extension, the band’s dynamic, which creates a completely immersive experience, as well a comprehensively crushing atmosphere in which the listener can revel. In fact, the only bad thing about the guest vocalist’s telltale pitch is that it breaks the listener’s revelry, and forces them to realize that the track is reaching it’s end–which, as long as there’s a “replay” button, is hardly a problem.


By: Connor Welsh


For Fans Of: Immoralist, Barrier, Demolisher, A Bloodbath in Boston