EXCLUSIVE!! In Vivid Colour – Living With Lions (Single)



Artist: In Vivid Colour
Album: Living With Lions – Single
Rating: 9.8/10



Crow Flett
John Vallier
Devin GewGrr
Kyle Scherle
CJ Vandale

In a world full of mediocre, cookie-cutter, generic bands there are few that manage to break the mold. I’m happy to say that In Vivid Colour from Prince Alberta, sk, Canada are one of those few. Taking aggression, blending beautiful melodies into it, topped off by some pretty incredible instrumentals it’s safe to say that this band will find their way into the hearts of metalcore fans everywhere. “Living With Lions”, their newest single, is honestly one of the best singles I’ve heard this year and it makes me far more anxious to hear what’s next for them. The band is signed to At Your Command Records and it’s great to see that the owner of this label and whoever scouts for it, honestly knows what they’re doing. We start out with a slow, heavily bass-ridden intro with some acoustic guitar thrown in. We are soon, though, treated to some incredible screams from vocalist John Vallier. This track is simple, yet elegant, beautiful, yet angry and angst-ridden. This, in short, is the perfect melodic post-hardcore track for any fan of the genre. But not just that, this track will also reach out to a wider, broader audience with it’s slight forays into hardcore as well. I absolutely loved every second of this track and it is my hope, that you see the beauty in it as I did. Go buy In Vivid Colour’s self-titled EP in preparation for this absolutely astounding new single! Also, give the band a “like” on Facebook and, while you’re at it, go give At Your Command Records a like as well!


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