Exploring The World of Lyric Videos with Scott Rudd Films

Throughout the years “Lyric Videos” have become increasingly popular within all genres of music. The idea of a “Lyric Video” is to keep the attention of the listener by displaying the lyrics across the screen in animated motions and eye catching visuals. It was a good, more affordable price alternative to the traditional music video.  As time goes by just like anything, this art evolved. The demand and competition is very real in this type of market. However, no one really stands out as much as the work of Scott Rudd of Scott Rudd Film.  SR Film started in 2013 and since then has made an huge impression in the scene and now handles bands on labels like We Are Triumphant, Nuclear Blast Entertainment, Sumerian Records, Sony, and much more. With the long, impressive, list of work he’s done I can almost guarantee Scott has created visual work for at least one of your favorite artists. He’s worked with Infant Annihilator, I See Stars, Aversions Crown, Winds of Plague, A Night In Texas, and many more. Not only does he do lyric video but he has helped edit a handful of music videos for musicians like Traitors, Fit For An Autopsy, and obviously more. We were able to speak with Scott and talk on his journey in the business. We were quite curious on what motivated him to enter this line of work and start his own company. He replied:

“Quite a funny story really! I was in a band (Misanthropy // https://www.facebook.com/ukmisanthropy) And we had our first single ready to drop and we didn’t know how to drop it. And i saw this cool little lyric video and i suggested we do something like it, we had NO clue who to contact or how to make one, so I took it up on myself to try and do the best i could and try and make one. So, I downloaded a few programs and give it a go, needless to say – it was the worst lyric video i’ve ever produced in my life HOWEVER i had a few bands coming up to me asking who did our video etc, and i think one of the first bands was My Bitter End, that got in touch and i did one for them for $25, and then Immoralist came to me before they signed to We Are Triumphant Records and wanted a similar thing, again I charged like $25.
I only did it for my own band and it’s grown from that, to being what it is today, and I’m forever thankful to everyone that has been in touch and had a video made by me because i absolutely LOVE doing it, I get to hear new music before it’s even released and get to work with some of the biggest bands in the world as well as some of the most hard working start up bands, it’s great!”

It’s quite clear he very much loves what he does. Creating these cinematic videos that bring songs to life takes patience and long hours on one video. Below we attached some of his work for you all to enjoy! Scott is open for commissions and you can view his whole catalog and inquire about your own video HERE