Hello everyone! I’m here with an interview I was able to snag thanks to Famined Records. This melodic hardcore band hails from Hungary has been in the game since 2014 with some singles and an Ep titled What Have We Done To Each Other. This article will go into the interview that was held between them and I. Hopefully, it will give you all insight of what’s to come from them as well as what to expect. Now, let’s hop into this with Faminehill.


NT: How did Faminehill come about? Where did the name originate from?

There is a small village in Hungary called Nagykallo. On the summer of 1780, the village suffered from famine and asked help from a seignior, who decided to help the village out. In return, he asked the citizens to build him, literally, a hill. As in, man-made, an artificial hill for him, made with no animal help, just sand, buckets and a lot of hard work. They call that hill Faminehill.

NT: Who is everyone in the band and what do you all do?

Our drummer is Zsolt Baranyi, he’s a dental technician in his day to day life, Adam Sarog the bassist, he is a roadie/guitar technician for a quite big Hungarian band –Leander Kills. Guitarist Gergely Kovacs works as a quality engineer at a multinational automotive company, our main vocalist Milan Rockov is a front office manager at a hotel. I (Tamás) play the guitar and I do clean vocals, and work at the same company as Gergely, I am a technician.

NT: What are your goals as a band?

Our only goal is to play the kind of music we love and get to play shows in cities we’ve never been to.  Spread our music to the masses, meet new people, and overall travel the world.

NT: What are your musical inspirations?

For me personally, there are a lot, but currently, I’d say Architects is the biggest one. We have several bands we all like in the band, like Slipknot, The Ghost Inside or Wage War who are pretty new in the scene but totally killing it.

NT: What is the essence of FamineHill, what is it that your music revolves around?

I think for us it’s honesty. We are letting out every personal story: our happiness, our pain, our struggles. Musically, most of the time it’s aggressive riffs with melodic parts that, hopefully, capture exactly what we’re feeling or the song is about.

NT: What do you hope your music does for people?

I only hope people find something in our music that makes it special for them. There’s nothing more I’ll ever ask for.

NT: How did you get into contact with Famined Records?

It was social media, one of our old songs called „Grave” caught their eye: they found us and contacted us, luckily at the best time, when we started to plan this new album release.  We are very happy to be a part of the Famined family, and we are so excited to put this record out.

NT: What are your plans for touring?

We are planning a few runs for this year, mainly in central Europe. Nothing secured yet, although a tour to support the album is getting booked as I type this, but we want to visit as many places as we can.

NT: If you were to give any insight on building up yourself as a band, what would it be?

I’d say, we learnt that if we want to be a band, we need to do our thing with as much effort as we can, we always need to have plans, but we should never let the fun parts of being a band go. It’s part planning, part working hard, but it should always be our love and passion at the same time, never only a business.

NT: Anything that you would care to say to possible future fans, as well as your already established fan-base?

We are so thankful for anyone who listens to our music, this is our only happiness in our lives, so thank you so much, and I hope they’ll like this new record too. And thank you for taking the time to set this up!


There you have it! Big things are coming from Hungary and its name is Faminehill. As you had read, they are working on their full length, so keep on the lookout! You can actually listen to the track Ruin that has premiered today through Dreambound! I’ll post a link to that as well as where you can find their music, social media, etc. Keep these guys in your radar. Don’t even blink.



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