FEATURE: Steven Roth’s “Good Times Go So Fast”

Steven Roth feature photo Alright, let’s be real—how often do we hear a vocalist that doesn’t rely on some form of production editing? Be it pitch correction, auto-tune, you get the idea. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with these things, but sometimes you wonder: Does anyone not use it? In contemporary times, it feels like the numbers are dwindling. There’s no shortage of talented people out there but there are far fewer who understand the technicalities of the instruments and vocal techniques, and their roots. (And while it’s true, of course, that you can learn from professionals and listen to what makes the “great” musicians “great,” but it only gets you so far, and there’s a certain level of intuition and raw talent that just cannot be taught.) Steven Roth is that blessedly cold drink of water after standing in a crowded concert hall for three hours, cheering on your favorite musicians. As it so happens, he just might be one of your favorite musicians. If he isn’t yet, grab a seat and a pair of headphones—or better yet, grab a concert ticket (spoiler: he opened for The Who)—and get ready, because you’re going to cheer and that drink of water has never been sweeter. In his new lyric video “Good Times Go So Fast,” exclusively premiered with Baeble Music, you can hear from the first note that Roth knows what he’s doing. Tracing back to the hearty blues, funk, and rock influences of the 60s and beyond (think The Beatles, Talking Heads, and Stevie Wonder), Roth puts his own spin on soul-churning classics with an energy that embodies rolling, vintage moods. He’s inventive with a sound that simultaneously reflects the past and creates a new present, drawing off what he knows and creating an original mood that navigates the genre field. Center-weighted are the raw, almost confessional-like lyrics that captivate the listener with their clarity (no mumbling here!) and authenticity. He means what he says, and even the drums sound like they’re smiling as they timber along with flitting, joyful beats. And indeed, the lyric video consists of old black and white photos and video clips of happy couples and grinning children, complete with the faded colors and wrinkled edges we’ve familiarized as the “old times.” And clearly, they were good. Despite the lyrics, it doesn’t look like the good times are going anywhere for Roth any time soon. As if in tribute to the renowned musical geniuses themselves, Roth has opened for bands like The Who—at the request of The Who themselves. They played at LA’s Staples Center and New York City’s Madison Square Garden, and Roth has had to pleasure to open for artists like Audioslave, Robert Plant, Dave Grohl, and Elvis Costello, and had recording sessions with Devo’s Jerry Casale. And from a pool of over 3,500 artists, Roth was chosen by frontman Adam Duritz of Counting Crows to headline the band’s showcase. His debut album, “Let It In,” was recorded in none other than Nashville Tennessee with distinguished producers David Cobb (Secret Sisters, Shooter Jennings) and Leslie Chew. Two years later, he’s worked alongside Los Angeles producers Sean Hurley and Wayne Jobson to create his EP featuring the single “Good Times Go So Fast.” As if that isn’t enough, Roth built his own in-home recording studio. He uses it daily; music is just another part of his life, as normal and essential as eating or sleeping. If you haven’t caught one of Roth’s shows yet, don’t worry. He’s touring over 200 days of the year. Venues are filled to the brim and fueled by his insurmountable energy, and his sound is the sweet drink of water the audience craves. There is clearly more to come. Get ready, because his shows are “packed to sweaty capacity,” and that water is exactly what you’ve been looking for.   Watch the lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UARVk9q11w0 Purchase the song: http://apple.co/1J5adzj Premiered on Baeble Music: http://bit.ly/1LuSwMx Featured on CLASH Magazine: http://bit.ly/1DNg8wb Featured on Vents Magazine: http://bit.ly/1WH01q1   Social Media Website: http://www.stevenrothmusic.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevenrothmusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/StevenRothMusic Instagram: https://instagram.com/stevenrothmusic/   Upcoming Events October 24th – Sacramento, CA @ Torch Club   Press Contact Shoshie Aborn | Big Picture Media 40 W. 29th Street, Suite 401 | New York, NY 10001 Office: 212.675.3103 | Cell: 914.874.4069 Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook