Feel Your Pulse Hit The Floor With Viscaya’s New Song – “Forever Wasn’t Enough”

Metalcore is living strong in the great gator state! Miami, Florida outfit, Viscaya, have released an compelling new music video for their heavy hitting track – “Forever Wasn’t Enough“! The Florida group throws base elements of Metalcore with a dash of Post-Hardcore for a wonderful ear smoothie that is called Viscaya. Combining factors from both first wave Metalcore with the Modern Metalcore we’ve come to love. Viscaya’s previous efforts include an EP titled, “Light”, that was conjured up in 2017! On June 28th, 2019 the group released a 6 track EP titled, “There’s No Sin In Sincerity“, to accompany this wonderful, compelling music video directed by Bryan Bishop. The compelling track counts stars for the band. Building on modern elements blended with a carving for pure energy, this is one of those tracks that you enjoy immensely on the first listen through!

We’ve had the honor to sit and chat with the band on their upcoming plans;

What started Viscaya?

 Viscaya (technically) started in 2016 after me and max had a previous project that had it’s run. After that summer we came together again ready to start something new. Viscaya was actually a name that was implemented a few months after. I’ve had the name for a while in my head since I can remember. It just means “beautiful view”. It’s a historical landmark in coral gables, Florida. I’ve always thought it had a a nice sound to it. As far as it’s start, Me and max have always ended up together. since day 0. We’re into the same things and we’re both after the same vision.

What are your plans for 2019?

 We just recently released a new EP on June 28th called “There’s No Sin In Sincerity” that we’ve been working on since late 2017. It took us longer than expected to release but we learned so much from the process. We can definitely say that we are better prepared and equipped for future releases. As far as the rest of 2019, we’re focused on building off this EP and begin writing for an album. We’ll be spending lots of time together writing new music and trying to mature our sound. We’re still technically pretty new to being all together since we’ve only completed this lineup mid-2018. So there’s always a lot to learn and build off of.

As a band what kind of artists do you look up to?

 Oh man, who don’t we look up to. We’re not gonna say them all just because it’s so many. But our mutual and most influential artists to us has to be Of Mice and Men, Attack Attack, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, and Sleeping With Sirens. There’s so many more but we can write a book with how many influences we have. It was so cool though because earlier this year we actually opened up a show for Danny Worsnops’ Solo Tour and we had the opportunity to meet him and take a group picture with him. We posted it on Instagram for anyone who’s curious to see. He was an awesome dude, didn’t disappoint at all. I think we were all a little star struck, and that usually doesn’t happen.

What is your lineup?

 Everyone in the band has known each other for years. It’s great because we didn’t have to look too far from home. It’s really natural. Our awesome friend Ily spent time singing in the band and recorded our first EP with us. We played so many shows to so many people I’ve literally lost count. She’s not in the band anymore but we still stay real close. We’ve had our drummers that come and go.. but the band just kept going and now we have our heavy hitter high school friend Lorenzo. He’s really added a huge backing for us and always wants what’s best for us. He’s the “cutting-edge” drummer we’ve been looking for, really.” Joseph is a real close friend from high school as well. He came a couple of months later, but it felt right the second he walked into rehearsal. Joseph really has added a new world for us sonically and has helped us when it comes to defining ourselves with a stronger sound, which is imperative. We work very well and are pretty headstrong in our own ways. So to complete the lineup we have Daniel Restrepo on Vocals, Max Kruczek on Guitar, Joseph Trentacosta on Bass and Vocals, and Lorenzo Tedesco on drums.

I’m just now discovering you guys, and I really enjoy what I heard on the new song. Do you have any older music?

 We do actually! Like we said before how we had different lineups, we also have an EP called “Light” that we released back in 2017 before Joseph and Lorenzo joined the band. So the sound has changed exponentially since then.

Funniest thing to happen as a band that you can recall?

So this one is only funny because of how unexpected it was but here it goes. We were in Daytona Beach shooting a music video and we were just hanging out in the hotel room the day before the shoot. And Max was scrolling through Snapchat and was curiously checking out the Daytona story to check out what people do there since it was our first time there we weren’t really sure what there was to do. So he was casually scrolling through and unexpectedly a very strange clip of some very explicit content was happening on there. Rather not say exactly what was going on but it was something that adults do when they’re alone. It could not have been more unexpected. We were all so weirded out by it, it definitely was pretty funny but it was so random to come across.

Where are you guys located?

We are located in the “305” Miami, FL.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

If you guys wanna stay up to date with us follow us on Instagram and Twitter @viscayofficial . We’re also on Facebook as Viscaya. You can also listen to all of our music on any streaming service you’d like. Spotify, Apple Music, and even Tidal. Check out our YouTube as well, we have music videos and vlogs, so check it out!

Spin their new track, “Forever Wasn’t Enough“, right here:


Jam the full EP:
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