Find Yourself With Featherweight’s New Single – “This Is Heartbreak”

This Akron, Ohio group is looking to carve out their own slice of the cake in the art of Post-Hardcore! Featherweight has came storming in the door with a burning passion with music. The 5-Piece outfit has released their new track, “This is Heartbreak“, with a captivating music video to illustrate the song in its true form. They’ve also released a guitar playthrough of the very same track with memorizing visuals. The band combines Pop Punk elements with the core base of the Post-Hardcore genre and does so very well. The band is gearing up to release their first EP, “Sleepwell“, in the foreseeable future. The group was formerly known as Sorry Mom and has toured with, Knockout Kid (Bullet Tooth Records), We Were Sharks (Victory Records), Carousel Kings (Victory Records), and Home Sweet Home (CI Records). We got a chance to sit down with Richie, the vocalist, and Brian, who plays the bass for Featherweight!


What are you future plans as a band?

We aspire to spread our word to world by constantly traveling and effectively gaining active listeners; building a family, with hopes to inspire others to express themselves and share their vulnerability.

Are you recording an album or EP?

We have our debut EP “Sleep Well” finished, ready to roll off the shelves when the marketing plan is set in stone.

You guys have a really capturing image with your band. What inspired the name and direction of the group?

Featherweight was designed to portray strength in something small. Because we write and compose music expressing the idea of “no matter what or who you are, what you feel is important”, Featherweight seemed to be a great branding decision to effectively drive our passions.

How long have you guys been a group?

We’ve been actively working together for 4-5 years, under another name “Sorry Mom”. The decision to rebrand was to have the message be taken more seriously, ultimately allowing the availability for more serious opportunity.

The funniest moments you’ve had together as a band?

We’re constantly laughing at the incredibly inappropriate things we say in the van, but my favorite moment personally was in Buffalo, NY. We were walking around town late at night in search of food when we stumbled across a loud food truck that gave a perfect hum. So we all harmonized with it and made the truck operator uncomfortable. We’ll never forget that New England run.

What inspired you to do music?

I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we got into this because we have an undying lust to express ourselves. When we experience something that needs to be understood and heard, the best way we could imagine driving that into a listener, is music; and it sounds like this when it comes from us.

What are some artists you aspire from?

Counterparts, Trophy Eyes, Capstan, Emarosa, Hands Like Houses


It was such an honor to get to chat with these guys! They’re a charming group creating some catchy melodies! Be sure to spin “This Is Heartbreak” below!:


Featherweight also released a very nice guitar playthrough today! Check it out: