Finders Keepers – Fourth Quarter Comeback: REVIEW

Band: Fourth Quarter Comeback (Facebook)

Album: Finders Keepers
Rating: 5/5
Buy: iTunes
1. When I Fall
2. All I Know
3. New York, New York
4. Finders Keepers
5. You and I
If you’re a fan of bands like Motion City Soundtrack and New Found Glory, Fairfax, VA’s Fourth Quarter Comeback is definitely a must for you! This band is yet more proof that pop/punk is NOT dead and will never be! The band’s debut EP, Finders Keepers, is a must-have for any pop/punk fan young or old. With everything you’d expect from an album in the genre: Catchy and infectious choruses, danceable beats, and meaningful, yet fun lyrics, Finders Keepers will have you falling in love with pop/punk all over again, even if you already were!
From the amazingly catchy first track “When I Fall” to the final track on the EP “You and I”, there is alot going on in this album. This is the perfect example of what a good up and coming pop-punk band sounds like! The guitars are pefectly on pitch, the lyrics are everything you’d expect from this genre, the drums stay at a rhythm that could be very easy to dance to, and it’s overall a fun ride through and through.
Key Tracks:
When I Fall: Easily my favorite track on the EP and rightly so. The keyboards remind me of old-school Motion City Soundtrack and the vocals remind me very much of Chad Gilbert. For those of you who don’t know who that is, he is the vocalist for New Found Glory. Being one of my favorite vocalists in the genre, it’s no surprise that this track and this EP in general would keep my attention. The chorus of “I still remember what you said last year. It took me higher than I though, so will you catch me when I fall?” signals to me about a love that was lost and he’s trying to get her back.
New York, New York: A bit faster than “When I Fall”, but still just as catchy and infectious, possibly moreso to some than others. With lines like “I’d kill myself for your affection, just to hear you, just to hear you say”, this also seems to be another attempt at winning over the girl from the earlier mention. It shows that he doesn’t wanna give up on the one he know he loves. We have all felt the pain of rejection and loss, it’s rumored that when you find “the one” you know it. Well it seems to me that he has found that special someone and is not giving up until he gets her.
Final Thoughts:
Pop Punk is FAR from dead and this album is one piece of evidence of that fact. With catchy choruses and beats, fun and meaningful lyrics, and amazingly talented guys on the instruments, what’s there not to love? But don’t just take my word for it; Go out and download Finders Keepers on iTunes now and find yourself falling in love with Pop/Punk all over again!

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