Florida Vocalist Starts Petition For Musicians/Bands to Fight Back Against Facebook


If you’re a musician or in a band with a Facebook page, you’ll likely have noticed that Facebook has officially eliminated almost 100% of a page’s reach without paying a substantial amount of money for promotion. Given that these bands have worked hard to obtain their fanbases (some in the hundreds of thousands)… this is a strain on both the bands and fans! Fear not, for our good friend Christopher Murray (vocalist of Tragic Hero RecordsĀ Illuminate Me) has created a petition to fight back on this poor decision. As you know, being in a band is very expensive… nto only must you have money for gas to get to shows, gear, food, repairs, etc… you also have to have money for recording new material! The petition, gaining over 10,000 signatures in under 24 hours, has made it’s rounds continuously since it was created. The original goal of 10,000 signatures was quickly met and so Murray has announced a stretch goal of 50,000 to really make an impact and show Facebook how wrong this is! Join us in supporting the hard work of talented musicians and bands who are having their reach cut for monetary gain, sign the petition below and share this wherever and however you can!

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