Formless Reflection | Insurgent Terra | Music Video Review

How is it going, everyone? Today, I have a special treat for you all the way from Russia. The band is called Formless Reflection. They are a progressive deathcore band that hails specifically from Ukraine. I was asked to give a review of their music video for Insurgent Terra and see what I thought, so, let’s get right into that. I’ll leave the video in the article as well by the way, that way you can check them out for yourselves.



Jumping into the video, it’s got a very ominous, but familiar setting that many deathcore bands seem to carry.┬áThat is to say, things alluding to some darker situations or on-goings in life, fictional or not, which, for this, I can’t really pinpoint too much of what the video would be about. Now, if I were to make some assumption, based on visual cues and whatnot, I would say that the scenario is like that of a Resident Evil game. A big company is wanting to make money, makes a chemical, that chemical becomes dangerous when ingested, in this case, through the mouth, and now humanity is being taken out. The reason I say that is just because of the blood on the Chessboard and it’s pieces, not to mention the bloodied hands placing opposing pieces on different countries. Again, this is all based on nothing but watching the video and looking about the visual representations. Other than that, you just have a showcase of the band also playing their instruments fiercely and vigorously, which compliments the concept nicely.

Let’s look now at the music aspect of this video. The music is right of the bat able to be told off as deathcore, which isn’t a bad thing per say, it just depends on what you’re going for. However, for this band, heavy is just the essence it breathes. The progressions are all smooth and routine. All in all, they are a solid group, I think there is room to grow, as I did with HARMED, but, I can still see some interesting things coming from this group. I don’t know if I see them branching out as far just yet, maybe that’s because I don’t see what the catch is yet for this band. Examples are like Alex Terrible, he is known for having ridiculous vocals, or Shadow of Intent, for having insane symphonic work included in their music. This band just needs to find that special niche, and I don’t think they have found it yet. But, that could change, and hopefully it does as they grow.


Score: 7/10


If you want to know more about them of go and follow them, you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, as well as on their website.

Have a good day everyone!