Glass Houses Set to Release Powerful New Single, “Lost Choices”, Pre-Save Now!

Glass Houses, hailing from North Dakota, is a band that prides themselves on creating a sound truly their own. For the release of their debut album, Wellspring, is a well-designed mixture of elements of post-hardcore, anthemic choruses and heartfelt lyrics that cut the listener deep to the bone. While the guys toured relentlessly surrounding the release, they took some well-deserved time off to wind down and write their next album. On Friday, October 19th, “Lost Choices” will make itself heard. This song features a bit of a different direction for the band, beginning with elements of alternative rock and building into their explosive, signature sound. 

“Lost Choices” deals with the idea of struggling with identity crisis. This struggle comes with someone (or multiple people) telling you who/what you should be. Oftentimes, these struggles manifest deep feelings within and cause one to fall into a sinking depression. Sadly, the majority of these situations spawn from relationships and those who you love, wanting you to become something you’re simply not. In the end, you must decide… should I change and forget all I know? Or should I stand up for myself and, undoubtedly, cause the relationship to end. The choice, in the end, is yours and yours alone. “Lost Choices” is the first single to be released from the band’s upcoming, as-of-yet untitled sophomore album, out in the near future. You can pre-save the song on Spotify by clicking this link and enjoy a teaser of the official music video, coinciding with Friday’s release, below! 

Glass Houses is: 

Josh Haider
Mark Sands
Tanner Leier
Robert Whiteside
David Anderson

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