Glostik Willy Releases “427”

Indianapolis, IN. Hippy Metal band Glostik Willy have released their next single/video especially for you – “427”. “427” is their latest release coming in after “Back Room” their fourth song from the coming album. “427” is truly living the nuance of authentic jam sessions. The record features Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Rolling Stones, Sugar Hill Gang, etc.), a ton of our friends, mixed by 5-time Grammy winner Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bon Jovi, EVERYONE).
Get Ready to Kick Back and JAM!
Glostik Willy has taken their music into the realm of technological possibilities as they have built an empire on Glostik Willy Twitch TV. The band is currently streaming 4-6 hour sets, 5 nights per week on Twitch, with top-tier production and a never-ending song list. Glostik Willy has built the most active and interactive full-band stream on the planet, pioneering the future of live music. 
The Rock N Roll Jam Session has arrived and Glostik Willy has got your 420 on their latest release “427”.
Willy Town is September 9-12where Glostik Willy’s full-length album will be released!

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