Gorepig Releases Debut Single Via Slam Worldwide

It’s not often that new bands blow listeners away with their debut track, however, that’s not really the case with Gorepig! The band originates from Wyoming and Arkansas inside the United States. This two man army, spawned from the darkest depths of the abyss, is an newly fitted Slamming Deathcore group coming at the world with an mean snort. The newly conceived group recently launched their debut single, “Butcher Gang”, on Slam Worldwide! The single was met with great reception as it was released. The bands highlights in their music are the brutal, toned, and versatile vocals as well as the well written, well produced instrumental track. I got a chance to speak with the band, and what I learned is they’re hard at work on their debut record! Having just released their first piece of merchandise Gorepig has a bright future ahead of them. We will be reviewing their album of course. Check out “Butcher Gang”!

Below we attached my personal single review I did for Gorepig on Sick Breakdowns!

Gorepig: Butcher Gang

Debut single, “Butcher Gang” releases on Slam Worldwide April 25th!

GorePig is the spawn of two minds with a love for heavy music. The newly birthed Slamming Deathcore duo is located in Wyoming and Arkansas respectively. What started as a simple collaboration turned into just… A pure evil music machine.
It’s time to dig into their first single, “Butcher Gang”. When I receive music from a new band I never know what to expect and I guess that’s the excitement of finding new music. I popped this bad boy on and immediately I get stank face. The very first riff sets the tone for the track. The immense intensity of the this song will be recognized within the first 20 seconds. I’m pulled in so what’s next at this point? As the song approaches the half way mark the pace changes in the best way possible. How? Guess you’ll have to find out. The ending breakdown is pure evil. You do not expect what is about to hit you right in the face and you may end up blacking out and crowd killing a few lamps in your house. It’s all good though, we understand. The flow is there and is very clear as you listen, however, it does keep you on your toes, especially as the song progresses.

Let’s talk the craft of music instead of impressions. Musically, very well put together. Timing between transitions is on point. The production of the track is very well done. Between jamming on 5 different listening methods, the mix remains crisp. The instrumental work of the song is smooth. The song has two feels you’ll get, with a fast starter pace and slowing down in the most brutiful way. Like seriously the ending breakdown build is disgusting. The vocal work is phenomenal if I’m being honest. The voice of GorePig has multiple tones he utilizes within a 3 minute frame. Done in a way that doesn’t seem forced, yet flows with the rest of the band. The dude has an impressive range. As a new band, I was honestly really impressed. Their record is something I’ll definitely want to get my hands on. If you’re into the slamming deathcore realm of bands like The Last Ten Seconds of Life and Signs of the Swarm – give GorePig 3 minutes and you’ll be impressed.