Gormogon – The Dream – EXCLUSIVE

In the minds—or more specifically the sub consciousness—of Gormogon, nothing is quite as it seems: this is evident in the progressive deathcore act’s debut music video for their epic track, “The Dream.” Eerie, surreal masked faces and entrancing yet hectic live footage are framed by blurry, distorted filmography to create an atmosphere which walks hand-in-hand with that of Vanished’s stand-out track. Not only does the music video tell a story, but the story and the means in which it is filmed progress in the footsteps of the song itself—as the track loses it’s ethereal, fluffy feel and dives into the realms of the visceral and heavy, the video does as well: replacing soft-light and easy-eyed focus with gritty, bitter reality. Don’t just believe me though—take a look for yourself as we at New Transcendence are proud to bring you the debut music video by Gormogon for Vanished’s epic, entrancing track, “The Dream.”