Gravemind release “The Death Of Teyolia” in a comic-book style lyric video

Prepare to strap in for another great Australian Deathcore group. Gravemind are back with their new single, The Death of  Teyolia, and one of the best parts is the comic-book style lyric video created by the legend Scott Rudd himself. The video itself takes you on the horrible journey of Teyolia’s redemption for her loved one’s soul. The video begins with Teyolia’s tribe and loved one being slaughter by the mad tribe labeled as The El Dorado. As Teyolia runs to the witch and accepts death and heads to Skyland to seek her loved ones soul only to find The God of El Dorado has his soul and she is sent to kill them all. Who am I kidding, watch for yourself below! The song itself is pure and quickly grabbed my attention.  Along with the story-telling aspect the song is full of heavy paced beats, slow break-downs, and smashing vocals that will make you want to go crowdkill. You can hear After The Burial inspired djent riffs throughout the song and that brings a big old smile to my face. The structure is unique and you never know what to expect next. I guess that has became Gravemind’s signature. They’ve came quite the step in sound since their EP, The Hateful One, came out December of last year. I would recommend giving this a spin and dive yourself into the story of Teyolia.

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