Guillotines Are Coming for the Throne with New Single, “GODZ COME DOWN”

Genre-bending bonecrushers, Guillotines have returned to bring the world the news that “GODZ COME DOWN.” What exactly does that mean? Let’s be real, few bands out there have had the gall to mix trap/hip-hop with metal and even less have been successful doing so. In fact, the fact that they’ve gone against the grain from their inception is what led to them being signed with Stay Sick Recordings. After critical acclaim with their debut EP, Killing Season, they immediately got to work on more. Since that point, they’ve released 2 new singles, “I Am” and “Stranglehold,” both of which have their own musical identities and showcase their strengths as musicians.

Tomorrow, “GODZ COME DOWN,” will be unleashed upon the world. When you begin a track with one of the most famous audio clips of Mike Tyson’s career, it’s clear you’re not messing around! While most of their material, to date, has been aimed at the haters and proving that they’re one-of-a-kind, this track has a bit of a different vibe. In essence, this track employs a lot of the over-sexualized lyrics that the rap genre is known for but is done in a way that doesn’t make it too pretentious.

This track also is the best example of how well they can mix different elements of the metal genre. The speed and precision of metal in general, mixed with heavy, chugging guitars. Vocals include short-burst, higher range screams, explosive and impressive lower-range growls and a wide array of mids throughout. Lyrically, this track is Supreme reminding their enemies that they aren’t going anywhere and that they’re coming for the throne they deserve.

Guillotines is one example of a newer band out there, doing things big and doing them right. Rather than stick to a niche, they carve their own path through the entrails of anyone who dares stand in their way. “GODZ COME DOWN” is out tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!

Guillotines are:
Furius Supreme – Vocals (@lordemperorsupreme)
Rob Walden – Guitar (@robguillotines)
Gabriel Montalvo – Bass (@gabeguillotines)
Michael Levine – Drums (@levinedrums)

Connect with Guillotines:
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