Halflives Tap Courage My Love’s Mercedes Arn-Horn for Nostalgic Cover of “All The Things She Said”


In the early 2000’s, a duo of Russian teenage girls caused an uproar, catching the world by storm. These girls, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova (better known as t.A.T.u.), released a powerful single called “All The Things She Said,” teaching the world that love has no boundaries. Since that moment, the girls have continued to teach the world this message through their music and gained worldwide notoriety in doing so. Now, 14 years later, Italy’s Halflives¬†have decided to provide their take on the cover, tapping Courage My Love‘s Mercedes Arn-Horn to join them. Vocalist Linda Battilani and Arn-Horn channel the forbidden love and raw energy that the original had to offer, while the rest of the band provides a harder rock musical background. Are you ready for this song to get stuck back in your head after all these years? Of course you are! Check it out below and be sure to check out their cover of “Welcome to the Black Parade” as well as their original song “Mayday!” Keep your eye on Halflives in the future because 2017 will be a big one for them!

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Halflives is:

Linda Battilani | Vocals
Enrico Bertoni | Guitar & Vocals
Matt Mantovani | Guitar
Oscar Scantamburlo | Bass
Fede Bernardi | Drums

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