Havenside – Living Our Darkest Days 3/11/2014










Sacramento hardcore/metal band Havenside have unveiled details for their anticipated new release “Living Our Darkest Days.” “Living Our Darkest Days” will be released on 3/11/2014 on LP/CD and digitally. The first single “Stronger Everyday” will make its debut on 12/27. The album features 12 tracks. It was recorded at Mayhemness Studios and mixed/mastered at Castle Ultimate. Pre-Orders will launch on 1/14/2014. More info visit www.havensideband.com

“Living Our Darkest Days” track Listing
1. Indisputable
2. The Broken (Featuring Rob McCarthy ex-Lionheart)
3. Despised
4. Things Will Never Change
5. Unite & Conquer
6. Standing Your Ground Pt. 2
7. Stronger Everyday
8. King By Destruction
9. Supplicator
10. Composure
11. Curse (featuring Howie Favichia of Lifeforms)
12. Refuse To Sink