HVTER Release Their Final Song – “BVRN” – via Chugcore

The Italy natives have been releasing music since 2014, and today marks the end. HVTERhas released their new and final song, “BVRN“, through Chugcore today. The group is known for blending Nu-metal with Downtempo in such a formulated fashion. The track is a powerful mixture of brutal vocal, heart pounding instrumental and melodic driven clean vocals. Very well structured throughout the song to keep the listeners on the edge of their seat. We had the chance to sit and talk with David about the band, and the future as HVTER is coming to an end.


How did HVTER become to be?

Well actually it was a duo project founded by my buddy and colleague Simone Pietroforte and another guy called Thomas Hansard. Thomas left then Simone contacted me in September 2015 after watching some of my covers since I was posting lots of them at the time. Fun facts: lots people mistaken me to be Thomas in the debut release (which I never have been part of) and I only met Simone this January for the first time in person since we are on both sides of Italy so we basically worked on all release and developed our relationship via texting and few calls haha

What’s the line-up consist of?

Actually just me, solo studio project. Simone left the project last year and I took the whole lead going in a different musical direction. I did some shows for a whole year 2017-2018 with some fellow ex bandmates as session players and had a blast playing with bands like Aversions Crown and Traitors; pretty much a dream came true but then came back to studio project since I couldn’t keep up with the live aspect as well.

Who are your musical influences for HVTER?

Well there was lots of downtempo and black metal from Simone’s side while I had a more nu metal / industrial approach to it. Both we have a strong passion for cinematic / atmospherical elements. Which I think it’s one of the project’s secret weapons. Atm I would sum up the HVTER sound with: Cane Hill, TLTSOL, Humanity’s Last Breath, Deftones and some industrial music. We started out as downtempo, then it became something else that I’d just label as Heavy The new song, “BVRN”, went live today via Chugcore!

Can you walk us through what the song is about?

Of course. First off, this is my most personal and complete song from all perspectives. In this song I’m talking to a person that I loved deeply about us but at the same time with myself about me/my past and some people that hurt me inflicting traumas that I still carry on today…just like if I wanted to clear out some things w everything and everyone unsolved. The song is technically a love song from the romantic style of writing point of view but it’s not only about love, it’s also a song of revenge, personal payback and a confrontation with the past looking forward the future after “burning” from a personal point of view and sometimes carrying our dear ones with us, just as the title suggests. Finally, this song is about emotion and energy. In fact I designed it from a production point of view as well just like it’s a machine slowly crashing and burning with lots of musical contrasts as well.

How long has HVTER been a band?

Simone started in 2014 so now it’s 5 years

What are your future plans?

Actually there are no future plans. HVTER has come to an end since I’ve got other priorities such as my audio career and can’t focus on both things with the same effort and constancy. Also I am happy to be closing this chapter with a song I am so proud of but I feel might be back on stage in future with another (possibly touring!) band so who knows!

Where are you located?

Milan, Italy.

Is there anything you’d like to tell NT?

I just want to thank everyone that believed in HVTER, from the fans to the local promoters I worked and the bands we played with. Also I want to thank Simone from the bottom of my heart for bringing me into this madness which gave me the opportunity to express myself at best

It’s sad to see these guys go. I remember coming across their first EP through Chugcore. Below you can spin “BVRN” and hear the end of HVTER.