ILLUMENIUM Premiere New Song, ‘Save The World’

Estonia rising all stars, ILLUMENIUM, has released a new song titled, ‘Save The World‘, and it’s beautifully haunting. ILLUMENIUM was formed in October of 2014 – the band has strived to provide an unique sound for their listeners. Utilizing elements from both Rock, and Hip Hop. Most tracks have found themselves to originate from the bands Rock roots. After getting a brief word in with the band, I learned they are gearing up for their new album respectively titled, Underdogs! The album is slated for an later 2019 or early 2020 release date. Featuring songs like “Dream Destroyer”, “Save Us From Religion 3” and “Hurry Up”!

Their new song, ‘Save The World’, is an eerie musical journey. I mean that in an beautiful way as well. ILLUMENIUM has a very unique sound that just latches onto your ears. Crafted around soft, beautiful instumentals – merged together swimmingly with an low, raspy, and beautiful singing voice. Compared to some of the other songs released off the album already – This one plays a slower pace for the listener. I really took a liking to the sound these guys have rooted for themselves. We’ll be reviewing the full album when the time comes!


Below you can check out, ‘Save The World‘!