Interview – Aaron Nordstrom – Gemini Sydrome : Speaking With Aaron Nordstrom About Growing Up, Life, And Touring And Hints About Third Album

In light of their tour, Aaron Nordstrom had a moment of his time to share with me, I was able to sit down and pick his brain about his inspirations and past and future tours, also what was in store for his third album. When we spoke he was in Lubbock, TX hitting the stage with Deadset Society and Spoken.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Hi I’m Toney from New Transcendence. How are you Aaron? It’s so nice to talk to you.

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Doing great how bout yourself?

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): I’m great. How’s Lubbock treating you?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Everything is going great, Although I had some gear trouble earlier but it’s taken care of so no big deal.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): That’s good to hear, Well we are just just gonna go over a couple things like your album, “Lux”, your single, “Stardust” and the in betweens.

Aaron Nordstrom: (Gemini Syndrome): Sounds great!

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): My first question is, How did the concept for “Stardust” develop in the album, “Lux”?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Like, for the song?

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Yes sir, please

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Well, Stardust is a hotel in the town I grew up in, and I had alot of experiences there when I was in my teens, growing up. So that became the focal point for the story and really it’s kind of a love letter for the friends I had at the timesome of whom I keep in touch with and some I’ve lost touch with over the years. For everybody it’s a formative time for your personality and your experiences. For whatever reason that hotel really hosted alot of milestone experiences for me and it was really was a thank you for the people in my life at that time. It helps me get through the hard times and how I shared some really great times. It opened my eyes to alot of different, whether it be philosophises or or ways to live my life and ultimately brought me here.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Would you say your music is tailored toward the human condition and life in general – Does spirituality fuel some influence?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Most Definitely

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Would you mind elaborating on that?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Sure, No problem, Well, I’ve always been a student of religion, philosophy, and psychology for the majority of my life. Ive always found it fascinating. I’m a true believer that there is something greater to the mundane experience we have in the day to day. The three questions, Where did I come from? Why am I here? And Where am I going? It’s kind of fueled most of my existence and thats when I write lyrics trying to address those things not only for myself but for the listener. It’s kind of like a one sided conversation that turns into a two sided conversation when we met in person with questions like “what does this mean?” It just helps me find my place in this world and my purpose.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): I hear you grew up a big blues fan and those artists were inspirational for your career.

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): The Blues in general,  honestly I wasn’t a total die hard fan. I do have a vast respect for it. I grew up playing classical and even jazz piano. Blues was always fascinating to me because it was improvisational. Just that ability to play with utter soul. I mean, you can put emotion into classical, you have to, but, it’s a more technical art. That’s not to say blues isn’t they are a kind of ying yang of the same coin. But I would of course pick Stevie Ray Vaughn, I always thought he was the most gnarly player.  I would even say Hendrix and Clapton, and obviously I’m naming the greats, but they are there for a reason.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Your new album, “Lux” and “Memento Mori” deal with many variables, including predominantly on Death and Transcendence. — Are your personal beliefs tied into your music and getting on a different level?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): As much as possible. I’d say for the vast majority that’s the main influence in all of their essence.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): “Momento Mori” has placed #8 on the Billboard charts — in the beginning did your aspirations claim the top ten or just see what happens and venture out?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): It was a little bit of both. We were writing music that we wanted to. You are always hopeful that you have some sort of success. Wow! I honestly had no idea it had hit that. Definitely news to me. (Laughs)

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Where are you hitting on this last tour that you are fond of or have visited before?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): We are going all over the States. America is a interesting place, every part has its own culture, so it’s always nice to see what people are into. Colorado is cool, I always like playing there.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What can we be expecting for your new album — the third in the series, any hints cause I know you can’t give much away?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): It’s the close out to a trilogy. Talking about Life, Birth and Death. So, it will focus on the end and the revolution of the cycle. Other than that I can’t give much more away. 

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What would say was your absolute favorite album as a kid, I know that’s tough?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): It’s impossibly tough, I would probably say Aniema from Tool and A Perfect Circle had also cane out as well. Im a big Maynard fan, if you can’t tell. My father had just passed and that’s the time period im referring to with “Stardust” as well.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): I’m  right there with you on that, on both sides.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What was it like being in Otep? It seems quite a change in pace to Gemini Syndrome

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): I done that for about two years. Well quick backstory: I had moved to Los Angeles to go to school. I played with alot of musicians. The intention is to go out and be in the hub of the music industry. Through that, I was able to get in contact with some people from school, they needed a guitarist and needed it fast. I took it. So, I got my feet wet in the touring world, and after a couple years it was time to go and do something of my own. It was great to be in that situation and find out first hand, nobody teaches you that, you don’t experience it til you experience it no matter what school you go to. I’m greatful that I had that time. It was never gonna be MY band and I totally understand I was never gonna be a part of it. Given my current situation. 

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Have a great show tonight and rock it. Im sure it will be great. What closing statement would you like to leave the fans with? Any words of wisdom?

Aaron Nordstrom (Gemini Syndrome): Stay strong. The struggle is indeed real. You are gonna have good days and bad days. Good times and bad times. Whatever it is your doing just stick with it.

It was great speaking with Aaron Nordstrom, revealing his life and what his influences areand what drives him when producing music for you, the listener. If ever given the chance, check this band out, if you haven’t already. “Lux” and “Momento Mori” are both available now whenever music is sold!

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