INTERVIEW: Adrian of Northlane


In case you missed it, the hype train is practically off of the rails when it comes to Australian metalcore legends Northlane’s latest release, Singularity (reviewed by yours truly, here). In celebration of this, we were able to get a hold of the vocalist for Northlane, Adrian, and get him to answer a couple quick questions, courtesy of We Are Unified records. Check ’em out below!

First off, it’s an honor being able to ask you guys some questions about your music. Speaking strictly for myself (although I’m sure several people will agree with me), I can’t think of many bands who bring so much passion and intelligence to their music while maintaining a relentless sense of emotion and feeling. It’s great to be working with you.

thanks man its an honor to be interviewed 🙂


The first thing I want to ask is about the theme behind Singularity–a lot of it seems to discuss combinations of cosmic elements along with a very definite grasp of “the earth.” In a few sentences, could you describe the album for me?

The album is titled ‘singularity’ and traditionally the word attempts to describe a future peak in human evolution that is beyond our understanding or comprehension. Naturally wethought the idea would be a great metaphor to adopt for our future album.


How do you compare Singularity to Discoveries–if you even really can. Were the writing processes different or the same? What is the writing process like for you guys?

Jon our guitarist wrote all of Discoveries in a guitar tablature program on computer, for Singularity however, he took a more organic approach and wrote and recorded the songs simultaneously and custom made each song rather than piecing together riffs from the old “riffs” file on desktop. Nic our drummer was doing a lot of improvisation in the studio as well. We like to think Singularity is Northlane 2.0 updated, a more mature, refined sound that is still very Northlane.


When you set out to write Singularity, did you have a specific goal in mind? Does the album meet that goal?

Personally, i just wanted the vocals to sound like how id imagined them sound in my mind and when listening to the instrumental versions. Im very happy with it, im keen to keep pushing the limits though.


So far, you’ve put out several singles–“Worldeater” and “Quantum Flux” chief among them. What’s the feedback been like on those tracks? 

Both tracks have been received very well, better than i thought they would be.


It’s a cliché question, but it needs to be asked: what are your favorite influences (musically or otherwise)?

Alex Grey

Terence Mckenna

Joe Rogan

Linkin Park



Immortal Technique



the list goes on….


Let’s get down to the fun stuff–it’s still pretty early in 2013, you’ve just put out an absolute steamroller of an album, the World is your oyster. What are your plans for the rest of the year? Where do you see 2013 taking Northlane?

Everywhere but Australia, 2013 is our time to see the world i think.


Coming up pretty shortly, you’ve got a pretty sick Canadian run with Structures and Texas in July–you guys have to be pretty excited about that, right? It seems like Canada is practically a second home to you guys.

Canada love heavy bands and the first time we went there people already had heard of us and knew our songs! The people there are lovely and we are excited to head back 🙂


What’re some tour essentials for Northlane? Stuff you can’t leave home without? How about stuff that makes life on the road easier?

Joe Rogan podcasts, Terence Mckenna Lectures, books and relaxing music.


If you guys could tour with any three bands that were ever in existence, which ones would they be and why?


Linkin Park


all giants in their respective genres, all pioneered they’re respective genres and touring with them would be a very good sign for our career ahah.


Finally, when you guys aren’t writing jaw-dropping jams or touring the globe, what do you do to have fun? What kind of hobbies and stuff keep you occupied?

Nowdays i find excitement in waking up early to ride my bike to the gym, im only just starting to exercise and it makes me feel so good. When im home i try and be creative and work on some of my own art and music.

Thanks so much guys! I’m sure you’ve heard it 100 times and will hear it 1,000,000 more, but Singularity is a bona fide masterpiece. Truly. Thanks a million!

Thank you so much, peace 🙂