INTERVIEW: Advocate [Oklahoma Heavy]


Late 2014 saw quite a few bands drop surprise releases that were among the best the entire year had to offer–even more shocking were the BANDS that sprung out of nowhere to take the year by storm. Advocate were one of those bands. But where did they come from? Why do they sound like they do? Who do they idolize, and are they any fun to talk to? Fortunately, I got to ask Andrew Wilkins some questions about the band’s sudden emergence and incredible musicianship–as well as some of his favorite vacation places (if you catch my drift).

Read on to learn, learn and learn some more!

Questions for Advocate 


Connor Welsh: First things first, I really wanna thank you guys for being so into an interview with me of all people. That really means a lot and I hope you’re not disappointed! One of the first things I want to ask about is the band’s history–and more specifically, the band’s formation. I was introduced to Advocate as a band born from former Forty Winters and Bermuda members: what brought you all together and how did you decide to start a project? 

Andrew Wilkins: Advocate wasn’t really born from Forty Winters, or Bermuda. Yes certain member did play with this bands but in reality we just wanted to tour and play angry music, and kinda prepare ourselves for our own career band instead of just jumping on to something that our hearts have no part in. We learned a lot and lost a lot, but in the end I feel we learned the truth of the “dream” as to what being a real musician is all about.


CW: Furthermore, the music and lyrical content on Provost & Judge is unlike a great majority of the heavy music out there, and certainly unlike the efforts of your prior projects. How did you arrive at this sound? What are some of your influences, musical and otherwise?

Taylor Chalk: For me, it was the mixture of Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta and Converge, and ultimately some of our favorite bands collectively. However, most if not all of the lyrical direction is derived from The Ancient and Accepted Rite:Morals and Dogma, but with my darkened twist on most of it. I just wanted to give a certain perception that couldn’t be grasped between religion and that hard place it seems when approaching religion and its hermit-like mindset. I wanted no boundaries and to ultimately infect any reader with my take on it.

Andrew: from my writing process I like to write the most eerie,heavy yet intricate composition I can come across. My main influences are Nergal’s writing and approach to music (Behemoth) I get my angry heavy riffs from the great Ion Dissonance above all others, and my melody and structure influence has to be a combination of artists



If you could describe your sound in one word, what word would you choose? Why?

AW: Strategically pissed, and emotionally concrete.


I’ll let it slide, it’s definitely succinct enough! Having released one of the most passionate and heart-felt heavy albums of 2014, what’s next for Advocate? What does 2015–and beyond–hold?

2015 is looking really promising, we’re currently writing the full length and it is going really good and we’re taking many tactics of writing and no complaints so far. We have some tours lines up and some that haven’t been thought of yet, in April we embark on “The Embrace the Void Tour” with our dudes in Insvrgence as the headliner and the badasses in I AM, we’re still booking dates for further tours. We’re currently working on a Music video as well that we shot our selves during the “Provost Winter Tour” we have a very well thought out plan for 2015


I definitely have love for the guys in I AM! If you could set up a dream tour with four other bands, who would they be, and where would you tour? 

AW: My DREAM tour would be to tour with the almighty Meshuggah, Slipknot, Nails and Devin Townsend. Fuck…That would kill.


What is your greatest influence outside of music and other artists? In other words, what drives you to create the music you do?

AW: Man…Probably the problems in my past that I’ve hidden from public, how disgusting the world treats each other, how just because I wear black everyday and have tattoos I’m suddenly worse than a child rapist. Basically what I write is a reflection of the Flames that all the pieces of shit in the world put on each other. Fuck everyone, basically.


When you wrote Provost & Judge, was there an emotion you were collectively striving for? What message and feelings do you want to impart upon the listener with your sound and style?

AW: I think the emotion we we’re all feeling was that you don’t have to be angsty to be heavy to get a message across, we’re all trying to get through this filth ridden world on top without judgment and ridicule and to write a badass EP with the four best dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing music with.


How about some fun questions?

Do you guys play video games? If so, PC or Console?

AW: For the most part we’re huge sports fans, so when we’re home we get drunk and play Madden, NCAA, and 2k basketball. We play a lot of RPG’s (Skyrim, Fallout, Mass Effect)


Cars or SUVs?

AW: I prefer SUVS. Ya know… Soccer mom cars.


Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian? 

AW: I wouldn’t mind visiting Paris more than a couple of times if ya know what I mean…and I wouldn’t associate myself with anyone that has been ten feet from that jackass Kanye.


Sandals or Shoes?

AW: We basically wear the same pair of vans. Except Taylor: NIKE EVERYTHING.


If you could watch any two celebrities mud-wrestle to the death, who would you pick?

AW: Brett Hinds from Mastodon and Jeff Buckley from Every Time I Die. My money’s on Jeff.


Let’s say you’re in a movie theatre, watching the most brilliant and captivating movie you’ve ever seen. You’re completely entranced by it, as it’s easily the best movie you’ve ever seen. However half way through, you get a sinking feeling that the person you love most in this world needs your help, or might be gravely ill. You don’t know for sure, but the only way to know is to go out in the lobby and call them to make sure they’re okay. However, once you leave the movie, you may not be readmitted. Without calling or texting from the theatre, What do you do? 

AW: Definitely call them, I can pirate the movie later. Thanks for the Interview Connor its been a great and healthy relationship with you since you did our EP Review!


Right back atcha, fellas. I hope to hear more from you soon!