Interview With Alfred Preciado: A Man Of Gigantic “Caliber”


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I had the chance to sit down with the creator of CaliberTV, a YouTube channel and music news/review site. We talked about how it all started, celebrity last names, and an exclusive look at one of the biggest letdowns of his career so far.

New Transcendence: Please introduce yourself and what you do.
Alfredo Preciado: My name is Alfredo Preciado and I’m the owner and operator of the CaliberTV YouTube channel and
NT: And what exactly is CaliberTV, for those who don’t know?
AP: We’re a YouTube channel where we post live performance videos and interviews of both national and local musical acts.
NT: Sounds like a fun job. A lot of people would kill for a chance to do stuff like that.
AP: Yeah, I love it! We get to meet lots of big bands that fans today would love to get a chance to meet.
NT: I bet, it’s a dream come true it seems. So how did it all get started?
AP: I guess I “started” back in like 2011 on Dance Gavin Dance’s Downtown Battle Mountain 2 tour and I just happened to have brought my little shitty quality digital camera. And me being such a big fan of DGD, I just decided to film some of the songs haha. I uploaded them to YouTube and saw that people actually watched the videos so I kept doing it. But it wasn’t until June of 2012 where I got serious with it and made a completely new channel to upload better quality videos and sort of separate myself from the older shittier ones.
NT: So a simple chance happening at a DGD concert got you into this amazing opportunity?
AP: Yeah, basically! Haha. Those videos are still out there on my older channel and it’s pretty cool to see how far we’ve come since then.
NT: Well I’ve loved your concert videos. They’re really professional! But when did you start getting permission from the labels to actually record these sets?
AP: Thank you! Our first video that started getting permission for was for A Lot Like Birds, but I actually didn’t go through their label. Being from the same area, we sort of know each other so I hit up one of their vocalists, Cory Lockwood, and just got permission through him. This was back around July of 2012. The first time I started going through management was back in around November of 2012 with Woe Is Me.
NT: So you’ve been professionally doing this for about 1.5 years?
AP: Yeah, roughly. I wanna say we started getting more professional when we started picking up members on our current team. I wanna say that even though Caliber started in June 2012, Caliber started to become more professional around January 2013.
NT: Awesome awesome. So what has been your favorite concert so far?
AP: That’s a really tough question. But I have to say its a tie between Pierce The Veil ‘Street Youth Rising Tour’ (with Memphis May Fire, Issues & letlive) and A Day To Remember’s ‘Right Back At It Again tour’ (with Of Mice & Men and Issues). Those are definitely my favorite non-festival shows.
NT: Both of those concert videos kicked ass. I watched them when they came out and loved them. But when it comes to festivals, which is your favorite?
AP: Warped Tour 2012 was my favorite Warped year. But also, Monster Energy had a music festival in Sacramento back in September with Avenged Sevenfold, A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I, and so much more and that’s definitely one of my favorite festivals I’ve ever been to. Mostly because it was so great to see huge bands such as A7X and Papa Roach performing on the same stage as A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria. The festival was called Aftershock Festival by the way. And having covered that event doing interviews definitely added to why I loved that show so much.
NT: Those sounds like perfect shows. But, I know this is a interview about your professional career and stuff, but this needs to be asked. Are you related to Jaime Preciado in anyway?
AP: This interview is over. *laughs* I WISH! But no.
NT: So I’m guessing that this is a question you’ve heard a lot?
AP: Oh gosh, I can’t even count the number of times! People who find me on Instagram find my photos I’ve taken for Pierce The Veil and I have random people comment “Are you related to Jaime in any way???”
NT: The life of having a famous last name. I know you do concert videos, but do you guys also do reviews on your site?
AP: Funny you ask that. We JUST picked up 2 album reviewers in this last weekend. We have a couple of reviews coming in the next few days and they are great! So if you’re a fan of The Word Alive, Beartooth, or Miss Fortune, be sure to check them out!
NT: Awesome! Definitely will check those out myself. Now, I know the life is glamorous and fun, but what’s the worst thing that has happened since you started doing this?
AP: Oh gosh, so much comes to mind haha. This is something that literally nobody knows about so it’s sort of an exclusive haha. At that same music festival I mentioned earlier, Aftershock Fest, we finally got a shot to interview Miss May I, a band we’ve wanted to interview for so long. And the interview was going great, the band was super into it giving great answers. But when the interview was over, I realized that our audio recorder messed up on us and didn’t record the interview. It was so depressing!
NT: Oh damn that would suck! Sorry to hear that happened man.
AP: It’s all good. There’s nothing for sure yet, but we might get another chance this summer.
NT: Oh hell yeah that would be sick! But anyways, that’s pretty much all the time I think I have for right now, so is there anything you wanna say to the fans before we end this interview?
AP: Thank you for the interview and a thank you to the fans who have watched our channel and site. We’re able to film all these bands and do everything we do because of you guys.
And if you haven’t heard of us, be sure to check us out because we have tons of great stuff coming very very soon!