Interview: Blaze Ya Dead Homie Talks “The Casket Factory”

I had a chance to sit down and chat with the Dead Man himself, Blaze- Ya Dead Homie about his upcoming album, The Casket Factory, the tour surrounding it, his relationship with Majik Ninja Entertainment and much more. Check it out below! Thanks to Blaze for doing this and anyone else who made it happen! Tickets/VIP for the Casket Factory tour can be bought either at or (full list of dates in the pic below, click to expand)


BearlySinister: Your new album, The Casket Factory, will be released in just 16 days. What’s it feel like knowing that we’re almost at D-day?

Blaze: It seems like it’s been a long time since this started but for this record, we actually had everything turned in a long minute ago. Obviously, we had to put a bunch of flavor together for it, get these videos done and now I’m just excited to get it out there! I’m ready, I’m so ready for 2016, man!

BearlySinister: What’s the experience like recording at “The Dojo” vs. “Funhouse Studios?”

Blaze: It’s relatively the same. I mean, we have relatively similar set-ups studio-wise, a lot of the equipment is kinda the same. I actually had “Fritz” in there with me, recording a lot of vocals so… it’s almost like we’re just doin’ the same stuff, we’ve just moved over to a new premise. It’s pretty professional, we’re just out there doin’ it. The record sounds great and that’s the top thing to me about this record is that it’s not just in the sound of the recordings, it’s more in the production and everybody else that had anything to do with it. I sent it out to get mixed & mastered, it was actually to people who do some real music. It shows and it proves inside when you hear it. 

BearlySinister: Speaking of, the 3 singles that have been released, including “They Call That Gangsta” which was just released the other day, all have a different vibe to ’em, I’ve noticed that. In terms of the sound on the album, can we expect something different from each track or does it just kind of jump around?

Blaze: I think I got what you were saying, I mean, we’re trying to explore different styles in this. Me and Madrox sat down and went over what we were trying to get out of this record and what we wanted it to sound like then, we went over different styles as we were recording it. He was with me for 100% of it, he kinda produced 100% of this record. Then I had a couple different people on there… Deadbeatz did there thing and then Seven definitely influenced a lot of beats on here and then Fritz as well. It’s trying to explore new styles but still remain true to Blaze, man.

BearlySinister: Based on the way that you’ve been promoting this album, would it be correct to assume this is a concept album?

Blaze: This is my biggest thing to date. I’m really tryin’ to push everything out there. I haven’t gone away, it’s all about work, this is what I wanted to do in the first place. Just to be out there and start kids and do my thing, enjoy what I do. I’ve been blessed to be able to do this for so long. It’s like a reinvention of everything that I’ve done and I hope everybody enjoys it as much as we did puttin’ it together.

BearlySinister: There are several guest appearances on this album, many of whom you’ve worked with before. Are there any of them that you are particularly excited for fans to hear?

Blaze: Aww, man! It was tough holdin’ Lex [the Hex Master] back for so long because I had him recorded on the album awhile ago and we knew that Lex was gonna be the next artist out there for Magik Ninja. Basically, it was hard not to say anything because he really dropped some bombs on this motherfucker, for real, he did his thing. That was cool and there’s a lot of other people on there. I’m interested to see everybody else’s reactions when they hear the tracks. They’ve heard Kung Fu Vampire, they heard Lex, they heard R.O.C. and there’s a lot of other people on there. I just hope they enjoy it as much as we did. I’m tellin’ you, everybody that went on there and did their thing…. they did their motherfuckin’ thing.

BearlySinister: The Casket Factory tour has been announced, featuring yourself, Lex and Tr:logy. How was this package put together and what can fans expect from your performance?

Blaze: Well… we’re gonna be out here ridin’ together, brand new and it’s gonna be cool. I can’t wait to get back on the road, it’s Lex’s first time on the road so you’re gonna see how he do it and, like I said, we’re gonna come full, correct and with new stuff so I hope everybody enjoys it. It’s gonna be a different style of stage, it’s gonna look different and you gotta come out and hear it. We’re gonna be doin’ a lot of the brand new record and… we’ll see what’s happenin’, maybe I’ll get somebody out on stage with me and spit some fire, we’ll see what happens.

BearlySinister: What should fans know before attending a Blaze performance?

Blaze: Just have fun, kick it up, bring lots of energy. As much as you guys are out there givin’ it, I’m out there tryna give back. That’s where I like to have fun and move around on stage. Let’s have some fun, sing together and rock the house!

BearlySinister: You just released the music video for “They Call That Gangsta.” How was that video put together?

Blaze: We spent a few days up in Detroit, all 3 of us together with J. Shaltz. I remember I gave J. a few things to begin with and told him “hey man, pick something that you wanna do a video to and let’s do it!” From there, we kind of tossed a lot of different ideas and we went from there. We put this thing together, it was probably shot in like a day… maybe a day and a half and we were done. J. had it back in about a week and a half or something, it was real, real quick. We were ready to put it together and drop it so everybody could see. I actually did another one, too, so I’m waiting for that to come back. My first rough cut of “Worm Food.” Hopefully that one comes back real soon, I’ll check that one out.. I’ve got some real flavor goin’ on with that one too… it’ll be the shit!

BearlySinister: What do you think fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Blaze: There’s a bunch of things… I would say, maybe, that I’m a dog person. I love animals… but they see that on my Instagram. I’ve got a couple cats, too, maybe they’d be surprised that the cats run the house. They will straight up slap my dogs around, left and right, they ain’t no bitches and it’s real crazy. Growing up, I’ve always had cats around the house and with my family. I’ve had a dog one time in my life so.. when I moved out and did my own shit I was like “give me a dog!” I had cats acquired in it as well so… I don’t know. I’m into video games, they know that. I love movies, they know that. I smoke a lot of weed, they DEFINITELY know that. I try a lot of weird, imported beers and different shit like that and they’re startin’ to learn that too. I don’t know… I like New York Style pizza, the kind you can fold so… I don’t know, any of the above. *laughs*

BearlySinister: After The Casket Factory tour, do you have any other tours lined up or is it still all under wraps?

Blaze: I’m workin’ on goin’ up to Canada with Twiztid for a few dates and then I’m always tryin’ to get back out there. I’m not just tryin’ to sit around and say “no, I’m JUST doing headlining tours” … I’m trying to do anything and everything. If they’ve got somethin’ for me, you might see me later on. I’m definitely gonna be out there, all of 2016 doin’ my thing. I hope to get overseas again, hopefully even Australia again, I’ve been there once and hopefully check out other places, expand the horizons. Maybe I can go to Japan or somethin’, I don’t know.. somethin’ crazy. I ain’t never been to Hawaii or Alaska… there’s a couple things I ain’t done yet. I’ve got my passport now, so I need to start takin’ pictures of my passport.  I need to get some passport photos so I can start movin’ around the globe.

BearlySinister: What is the biggest thing that can be expected out of this album versus your previous material?

Blaze: Like I said, it’s brand new. Everything that I do is brand new, I did take it back a little bit to the roots on some of the stuff, maybe you heard some of that or you’ve heard something brand new so far. Keep expecting more, I ain’t done, I got a lot more going on that’s already in the works. It’s never-ending, that’s a good thing though. That’s the way it’s supposed to be and it’s finally getting to that point. I already got another video in mind, as well, after this though so… I’m trying to get that in the works and hopefully get it done before I hit the road. So expect 3 of them things before I even get up out of here.

BearlySinister: That’s about all I’ve got, unfortunately. Thank you so much for doing this, it’s been an honor and a privilege. I can’t wait to hear the album. Is there anything else you want to say to your fans, our readers and the general public?

Blaze: Hey man, I love the mothafuckin’ Juggalos, that’s my family. Thank you guys for reppin’ me and holdin’ it down for so long. Together, we’re gonna reach new heights, we’re gonna keep doin’ this stuff together and together we’ll blow the family up! Blow this thing up off the mothafuckin’ map, for real! I got nothin’ but love for y’all, thank y’all for doin’ this!

The Casket Factory is out now via Majik Ninja Entertainment, stay tuned for our review!

“They Call That Gangsta” (Official Music Video)