Interview – Bobby Amaru – Saliva: Bobby Speaks on New Track, “Revelation Man” and Future Touring and Album

Multi-Platinum, Grammy nominated band Saliva is back with their first new music in 4 years. The first track, “Revelation Man,” is very personal to singer Bobby Amaru who states:

“Revelation man is about a guy who couldn’t accept the struggles of his own addictions. He had to hit rock bottom to see the light. When I say “had to die to find a revelation.” I don’t mean dying literally but there were moments in my life where I felt like I had. It particularly relates with me because of my sobriety of 3 1/2 years. I went through a lot of things before I got sober. “

Saliva will continue to release tracks and ultimately a full album in 2022. The new music has a contemporary feel but sticks to the blue collar roots that their fans love. After acquiring front man Bobby Amaru in 2011, Saliva became infused with new blood, energy, and spirit. Upon adding former Shinedown and Fuel bassist, Brad Stewart, as a permanent member, Saliva solidified their new lineup.

We caught up with Bobby Amaru of Saliva and this is what he had to reveal to us:


Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): How are you doing Bobby? I appreciate your time. How’s your day going? 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva): I grabbed my kids from school and I’m just hanging, gonna do a couple things later actually, Daughter gonna see Bieber, and go see Sonic tonight. 

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Day in the life then huh? I’m in Corpus Christi but I’m not sure if you guys have been here or not? 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva):  Pretty much man, and that’s funny you say that, I was just telling my agent that Corpus is one of those places we haven’t been to in a while, so I did mention we could go there 

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): I’d be totally excited to see you guys here, we have alot of awesome venues, Concrete Street Amphitheater, Brewster Street Ice House, House Of Rock, they are often overlooked because of the ‘in-between’ they tend to be. 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva): We look forward in heading your way in the near future! We haven’t been there in awhile!

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): I’d definitely be front row! So, what can you reveal about the new album, if anything? 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva): Honestly it’s alot of good stuff, some nice relatable things to the people with struggle, addiction and how to overcome these things. It’s what I set out to do on this album, to help people overcome, which is why we started with the single, “Revelation Man” because it gives a good insight to the album itself. I think the fans will see that. 

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What was it like to take up the mantle after Josey Scott? 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva): It really came down to the band wanting to keep going as a band and him wanting to step down but it’s not saying anything bad about him in the slightest, but I know I just wanted to do the band justice in bringing something new and inventive to it and I feel I’ve done that but I never felt I wanted to ‘replace’ him at all.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): Do people mistake you for him at shows? 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva): Literally all the time, after the show some of the fans will be calling me Josey and going like, “I hung out with you like 15 years ago bro!” and I’ll have to correct them like, “That wasn’t me man!” So it really varies but the fans really tend to enjoy the shows overall and the energy is pretty great.

Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): I look forward to seeing you guys in Corpus Christi on your tour, and that new album! I hope we talk again! Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans? 

Bobby Amaru (Saliva): Yes! Without them we are nothing, thanks for the continued support and love, keep rocking and keep rock and roll alive, check out our media outlets for tour news and that new album, because it will be something. Thanks!

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