INTERVIEW: BOG WRAITH On Their Upcoming Music & More!

Michigan Blackened Deathcore outfit BOG WRAITH have been crushing their local scene and beyond since their debut but have recently slowed down. We are excited to learn the group is planning new music and a record! The band’s last release “Omen” was met with open arms from fans and new listeners alike. We had the honor of chatting with the group on their creation and new material!

What has the BOG WRAITH camp been up to?

This summer we’ve played some really kick ass shows. We opened for Archspire back in May, then the following month we played with Wormhole for Boreworm’s big comeback show. Just Recently we co-headlined with Recorruptor at Macs Bar for our last summer show before taking a break from playing live and working on some new content that we cannot wait to show everyone. This next group of releases are going to go harder than ever.
Are you guys working on some new music?

Oh yeah, the music we have in the works right now is some of our favorite stuff we have ever written. Every time we sit down to start the writing process I’m blown away by how naturally and seamlessly it all comes together. We can go from one cool riff to a 4 minute sonic assault in a matter of hours. Having the advantage of writing at Marshland Studios means we get to go from concept to pre production track much faster than other bands I’ve been in and it makes all the difference being able to hear what works and what doesn’t during the writing process.
It’s been a year since Omen was released. Tell us about that album!

Omen was a lot more challenging than the EP’s because from the get go we didn’t want just a more tracks on a release. We wanted a good flow throughout, both musically and lyrically. Not to say the EP’s didn’t, but this time we set out to make sure that each track was a part of a whole while still standing on their own to tell their story. We already had a couple tracks that were written for Mire that we knew right off the bat were going to be used on OMEN, but then each song was written to work off each other to tell the story and keep up the energy through the entire album. Even the guest spots we had worked out perfectly to not just be “here is this guy from this other band”, they really helped shape the narrative of each song.
Is your latest single Monstrous apart of the new album?

Nah, Monstrous was more of a one off single. The next one will be all new material, and may even feature a few surprises.
Tell us some of the best or funniest moments you guys had as a band?

That’s a wonderful question! So many times come to mind for me, but I always remember when we played a show in Ohio and we’re all belting out some Killswitch Engage at the end of the night.-Alex

Some of the hilarious mispronunciations of our name really get me going. There was a show where we almost got put on as Frog Rape. Apparently it was an over the phone deal and she misheard, and when it comes to band names, anything goes I guess. She didn’t even think twice until we had to say something.-Mike

Who all makes up BOG WRAITH?

Julian Hendrickson is our producer, guitarist and arguably the best spinkicker in the band. Chase Applegate is our other guitarist, and specializes in writing riffs that make you want to fight the closest person to you. Mike Weber on the bass and poorly timed dad jokes. Aaron Gray on drums, but Mike is suspicious that he might actually be a robot. Alex DeRose is our vocalist and does an amazing impression of Oogy Boogy from Nightmare Before Christmas
What was your guys favorite show to play so far?

The last couple times playing The Sanctuary have been some of my favorites. Great venue, awesome lineups, and tons of friends all over the place. -Alex

The Fit For An Autopsy show at Macs will always hold a special place in my heart. I love playing that place.-Mike

Zanesville Ohio was definitely the most wild crowd we’ve ever played for -Julian
Tell us about your upcoming music?

Well, we don’t want to give away too much, but we can say that these songs are some of the most fun stuff we have ever done. We really wanted to get back to the basics on this one and deliver some truly brutal tunes. You can check us out on Patreon to get a sneak peek.
Any upcoming shows planned?

As of right now we do not have any shows planned. We want to start really focusing on writing new material and really nailing this next release.
What are your guys musical Influences?

For me bands like Hester Prynne, Analepsy, Korpse, Lorna Shore, and The Black Dahlia Murder. – Alex
Slipknot is a HUGE one for me, them being the band that got me into heavy music. Bands like As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder and Lamb of God really got me into playing music as well. – Mike
Acacia Strain, Humanitys Last Breath, Emmure, Black Dahlia Murder, and Chelsea Grin. -Julian
What’s wild is I was at that Zaneville show that Julian mentioned above playing with my old band. It was one wild night and BOG WRAITH slayed it that night, I was blown away! Be on the lookout for their new music! We linked ‘Omen‘ below!

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