INTERVIEW: Somewhere To Call Home – The Nu-Metalcore Outfit That Bring A Punch

Hard work, persistence, and dedication make up the Albany, NY Nu-Metalcore outfit Somewhere To Call Home. The group is currently gearing up to release their new EP, “Panic Disorder“! Set to arrive August 30th! Somewhere To Call Home released their newest song “LEECH” last month to give fans a taste of the new EP! Currently the band is out on their EP release tour with Reign and Deadculture. Somewhere To Call Home has shown growth after growth with each of their releases – all stays true with “Panic Disorder“. We had the honor to sit and chat with the band, read up below!


Walk us through the process that it took to create your new EP, “Panic Disorders”? 

This EP was constructed and written in a shorter time than most of our material is written. We approached this EP by going to the studio with constructed tracks and spent hours writing and re-writing parts till we felt they were solid enough to move on. This meant we spent alot more time in studio, but we believe that is was well worth it. This way, we could have a lot more hands on creation with how the final tracks would come out as. Versus just tracking demos upon demos on our own. We believe it’s important to experiment with ways to create music. There’s no bad way to build a track or write an album. The most important thing is to keep the big picture in mind at all times.

The lyrical content is experiences some of you guys have experienced mentally, how was it to write about that?

Writing lyrics has always been an outlet for some of us. Even if it’s writing words to a song that hasn’t been written yet. So when it comes time to write lyrics to instrumental tracks, we have those words ready. This EP is full of our thoughts, fears, hate, sadness, and anxiety. And we hope that people can relate to us and realize that no one’s alone in the endless fight against those feelings and emotions

You guys are tour active, tell us some of the best moments you’ve had on the road?

We’ve done so many things as a band across the country together its hard to pick. We’ve kayaked in Florida, visited Hollywood, hung out in Texas, traveled to Canada, We have made so many friends. Music has showed us alot and we genuinely wouldn’t trade it for anything and were excited to see what comes next.

What bands inspire you guys?

We take inspiration from all sorts of music. Any type of music can inspire an idea or song. We all listen to vastly different genres ranging from deathcore to pop. We take a lot of inspiration from within our genre such as Sworn In, Yüth Forever, Barrier and VCTMS. But we also take aspects from other bands that aren’t specific to our genre like Slipknot, The Plot In You, Korn and Motionless In White.

Who’s all apart of Somewhere to Call Home?

Somewhere To Call Home consists of: Chad Sutliff – Drums, David Scott – Guitar, Jaddus Blanchard- Guitar, Tom Rehor – Bass, Alex Wheatley- Vocals. Tom, Chad and David are all original members of Somehwere To Call Home. Alex joined the band in 2018 before the release of “Haunted”. Jaddus joined this past March of 2019.

Who mixed and mastered the new EP?

This EP was mixed and mastered by our great friend Jonathan Folino at Insightful Recordings. He is an extremely well-versed producer who is helpful with every aspect of the recording process. You’ll even hear him riff a few times in the EP.

Anything you’d like to tell NT?

Our newest EP “Panic Disorder” comes out August 30th 2019, available on all streaming platforms. Check out our single “Leech” off the EP, out now.

I’ve watch these guys achieve great things while following them for years. “Panic Disorder” brings a fresh, emotional take with a heavy punch. Somewhere To Call Home experience some van issues while on their current tour. We’ve attached their store links if you’d like to help out!

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