Interview: Cam Smith (Hotel Books) Talks Being on the Empress Tour, Equivalency and Overcoming Struggles of Being a Touring Musician

First of all, I have to give major credit to both Mike Cubillos of Earshot Media and Cam Smith, himself, for scheduling this interview so quickly. I arrived at the venue, texted Cam as the first opener (Whyte Lyte) was closing out his set and he immediately met me in front. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more kind or accommodating person. The reason I feel so compelled to explain this is because he made it clear that he had been having a very rough day and was noticeably tired, but incredibly warm and friendly. Check out the interview where we discussed Hotel Books place on the Empress Tour, the band’s new album, Equivalency, which dropped at midnight the night of the show and overcoming the struggles that come with being a touring musician.

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