Interview: Daniel Winter-Bates of Bury Tomorrow


BearlySinister: We’re fast-approaching the release of “Earthbound” with just about 8 days left to go. What is the atmosphere at the BT camp like?

Dani:  Everyone is super excited! We’ve had this record in skeleton form for so long and now it’s complete. \We just want the world to hear it!

BearlySinister: How did the title “Earthbound” come about?

Dani: Earthbound is a general concept that we are all bound together as a unit and should be more worried about the world issues rather than localised petty problems. It all has a meaning that we are all bound for the earth one day so we have one chance to make it work

BearlySinister: A few days ago, you released the video for “Last Light” which is phenomenal! How did this video come together and how have fans responded?

Dani: Amazingly! We were a bit nervous as it’s the first animated video we have done but people seem to absolutely love it so we are super happy.

BearlySinister: Are there any songs on the album that you’re particularly excited for fans to hear? Why?

Dani: Honestly, just the whole record. Haha… We made sure it was only ten tracks so people could literally go right back to the beginning and listen again.

BearlySinister: Where did you draw the lyrical inspiration for Earthbound?

Dani: Everywhere! This album focuses on real subjects and situations. Generally, just turning on the news or being in a band for ten years – it all helps to form ideas.

BearlySinister: Bury Tomorrow has never been a band to keep the same sound for too long. How do you decide which direction you want to go next, while keeping things fresh and interesting in a world hell-bent on being the “next big thing?”

Dani: Honestly, it’s such a natural process in our progression. We obviously strive to be more technical each time but we always try to let the music just flow in the writing aspect. We also always try to write for the size of venues we want to fill.

BearlySinister: You’re one of my favorite “unclean” vocalists. Tell me, are you self-taught or have you had lessons from someone?

Dani: I am self taught. I have watched a lot of Melissa Cross and followed her instructions on maintaining my vocals but generally, it’s all experience

BearlySinister: If you weren’t in music, what would you find yourself doing?

Dani: I don’t really know. Haha… I have a strong work ethic so I would be doing something but I’ve been in this band for so long it’s hard to say.

BearlySinister: You will be celebrating a full decade as a band this year. Most of the original members are still in the band, with the only line-up change being the addition of Kristan Dawson in 2013. Looking back at this past decade together, what has been your favorite memory in BT?

Dani: This past year has to have been the best. We are so comfortable both writing and performing live as a unit . Dawson is such a good addition and it truly feels like our last line-up.

BearlySinister: I always love to see bands paying attention to and respecting the locals. Who is really deserving of praise in your area that, otherwise, may be unknown to the world?

Dani: Creeper are a great band. They are just starting to get some great recognition over here but they are good lads and an original band

BearlySinister: How do you feel Earthbound differs from your 2014 release, “Runes?”

Dani: It’s more aggressive, more live sounding – we wanted to sonically punch people in the ears and give them the experience fans get when they come and see us play but on record.

BearlySinister: What is your favorite song to play live? Why?

Dani: Earthbound is  now my favourite – it’s super fast and punchy.

BearlySinister: What’s next for BT in 2016?

Dani: Touring this album as much as we possibly can and getting to places we haven’t been in a long time.

BearlySinister: What advice would you give to a band who is wanting to break out in this day and age?

Dani: Work hard on your songs but honestly just enjoy it! About 60 percent of breaking is about luck so just enjoy the ride.

BearlySinister: That’s all I’ve got, unfortunately. I sincerely appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans, our readers and the general public?

Dani:  Pick up the record and enjoy it, share it with your mates!

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