Interview – Dethrone The Sovereign (2017)

So in a matter of a few days, the world will be introduced to the new album Harbingers of Pestilence by Dethrone The Sovereign. This is an album that will be releasing on the 28th of July this year and has some incredible potential just from what I myself have heard off of this album. Now, as you’ve read above, yes, this is an interview. However, for those of you readers who have never heard of this band before, here is a bio to catch you up to speed.

Dethrone The Sovereign Bio

Dethrone The Sovereign is a 5-piece progressive metal band from Salt Lake City, UT (USA). Originally formed in 2008, the band has gone through several member changes over the years. After locking in a solid drummer in 2010 and a monster vocalist in 2015, the band finally feels complete and ready to take on the world. DTS has released two 6-song albums which were met with great reviews, a self-titled EP in 2009 with the follow up EP “Autocracy Dismantled” in 2013. Their debut full length album titled “Harbingers of Pestilence” will be released later this year via Famined Records (Victory). Dethrone has been honored to share the stage with huge names including Unearth, After the Burial, Veil of Maya, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Born of Osiris, The Contortionist, The Faceless, and The Black Dahlia Murder who inspired the band’s name (“Thy Horror Cosmic” lyrics). They’ve opened for several big tours in their hometown including Summer Slaughter, Thrash and Burn, Atticus Metal Tour and completed a handful of their own successful tours across the western U.S. Blending classical and modern influences, balancing progressive technicality with brutal force and melody, Dethrone The Sovereign seeks to distinguish itself as a unique presence among the metal community.

So, now that you are caught up on who Dethrone The Sovereign is and what they’ve done thus far, it’s time to go on ahead and give those of the fans, old and new, what insight is in the mind of the band themselves. The interview below will involve talks on their work on the album as well as any information on anything up and coming for Dethrone The Sovereign. Without further ado, here’s our interview with Dethrone The Sovereign.

Interview with Dethrone The Sovereign

NT: For the people who are new to your band, what is Dethrone the Sovereign? Who are you as an entity? What’s your message?

DTS: Dethrone The Sovereign means to overthrow authority, government, religion, or whatever you interpret the sovereign to be. The lyrics from our first EP are about self empowerment and “dethroning the sovereign” within yourself aka your ego or self doubt. We definitely push the idea of thinking for yourself and not being a follower.

NT: What do you feel were influences in the making of this upcoming album?

DTS: Instrumental music, lots of jazz fusion and progressive metal. Also, Scubin the Mufasa.

NT: What were your aspirations that you wanted to convey through Harbingers of Pestilence?

DTS: We wanted to keep our technical heavy sound while introducing more clean acoustic sections, more classical piano, and better song structure. We also wanted to mix it up and make sure no two songs sound the same.

NT: What was your mindset going in on making Harbingers of Pestilence? Were there any challenges in creating the sound you wanted for Harbingers of Pestilence?

DTS: Like most bands, we wanted to show growth and progress from our last album. We also wanted to focus on better structure and more rounded songs. I think the biggest challenge was making sure every song had it’s own identity, while keeping the album as a whole.

NT: Do you feel you’ve maintained the sound you’ve had from your past two EPs? Or do you feel you’ve expanded out to a whole new plane of sound for Dethrone the Sovereign?

DTS: Yes, the sick guitar riffs, keyboard shred, insane drums and heavy intensity is all there still. You will definitely be able to hear our sound in this new album.

NT: What are your plans once the album has been released? Is there up and coming tours you are planning on embarking on?

DTS: We’ve been talking about another tour with our friends in Sorry No Sympathy, more details soon.

NT: Do have anything to say to your fans, new and old?

DTS: We love you! Thanks for all the support over the years! We hope you like the new album as much as we do!

So from the way Dethrone The Sovereign makes this album sound, it sounds like it’s going to be quite a game changer for not only their old fans, but the new ones to come as well! I’ve taken a bit of gander in listening to Harbingers of Pestilence, and honestly, I think it sounds absolutely stellar. Hopefully you guys will feel the same and spread their music around for others to listen in on. Harbingers of Pestilence comes out on the 28th of July, 2017. Thanks to Dethrone The Sovereign for taking part in the interview, as well as Famined Records. Make sure you check out Dethrone The Sovereign to prep for their new release!