Interview — Diamante — Diamante Talks About Her New Album “Coming In Hot” and Growing Up In Boston

I was able to have a moment with the feisty and fierce embodiment of the word herself, Diamante. Her New Album, “Coming In Hot” will be available on June 15th, let’s see what Diamante had to say about her recent tour w/ Bad Wolves, and her musical background growing up in Boston. Diamante was also featured on the single track, “Hear Me Now?” With Bad Wolves.
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence):  Going into the album, “Coming In Hot” what ideas did you have that didn’t make in the final cut?
Diamante: Because this is my first full-length record and an introduction, I definitely went through many stages throughout the writing process. It took time and some trial and error to really nail the sound that would ultimately define me as an artist. Some ideas worked and some did not. Some leaned in other genres, so I think it will be very interesting to see if some of those ideas make a comeback in the future!
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): How was it touring with Bad Wolves — Any memorable moment you’d like to share? 
Diamante: Touring with Bad Wolves was both incredible and inspiring! They are a great band and an even greater group of people. I am immensely grateful to them for having me come out and especially for being so welcoming. I think the greatest moment was the first night of the tour in Nashville when I stepped onto an arena stage for the first time in my career and sang in front of 12,000 people. I learned a lot from them, and touring with them is an experience that I will always remember! 
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): How was it growing up in Boston? Was growing up a musical experience?
Diamante: I believe growing up in Boston really shaped who I am as a person. People there are very family-oriented and grounded, and I still carry that with me today. Boston was also the place where I first started doing musical theater and performing on a stage, it’s essentially where I realized that singing was what I wanted to do. I was a very shy kid, and music helped me break out of my shell and literally find my voice. 
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What track off the album is the one you feel really brings your attitude and appeal to the masses? 
Diamante: I would have to say “Bulletproof!” I love how dynamic that song is both sonically and lyrically from the vulnerable moments to the hard-hitting moments. I think that song really encompasses in general the overall theme of the album: struggling, fighting, and overcoming. 
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What about the music industry so far has been the most beneficial to you? — How was the recording process while making, “Coming In Hot
Diamante: Probably all the awesome people I have had the opportunity to meet, the places I have been able to see, and all the experiences I’ve been so lucky to go through. The music industry can be a brutal place, and I have really come to understand and appreciate the strength of my character. The actual recording process for “Coming In Hot was so much fun for me because getting on the mic in the studio reminds me of performing on stage! 
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): You seem like you are full of energy, fierceness, and ambition; What would you like to accomplish in your future music career? 
Diamante: Thank you! I am definitely relentless in nature haha, all I hope for is for my music to have some kind of beneficial impact on the world and to really reach people. If I can achieve that while simultaneously seeing the world, I will be the happiest person. 
Toney Emmons (New Transcendence): What would you like to say to the fans and the people taking their time to read this?
Diamante: Thank you so much for your love and support! You all helped create this album more than you know! I can’t wait to see all of you on the road this summer.
It was a pleasure to have a moment with Diamante to speak about her album and tour, be on the lookout this month when her album, “Coming In Hot” drops on the 15th!
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