INTERVIEW: Fanny Whoreslop of ChuggaBoom


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I had a chance to sit down and talk with Fanny Whoreslop of the awesomecore heavyweights Chuggaboom. We talked about the new EP, the lyrical content of “Do You Even Lift, Bro?”, possible touring, and a lot more!”

New Transcendence: First things first, introduce yourself and tell us what your role in the band is.

Fanny Whoreslop: I’m Fanny Whoreslop. I am the vocalist in ChuggaBoom. Screams and Cleans!

NT: Love that last name haha. So what was your inspiration to start up ChuggaBoom? Was it a fun project just for laughs or is there a serious goal behind it?

FW: Yeah I like my name too! I think my parents made an incredibly good choice! Very very original! ChuggaBoom is an incredibly serious project. We want to write songs that people will be able to relate to, so that they know that they are not alone in this completely fucked up society. Why you’re insinuating it is a joke confuses me. I was learning some songs by the rock Gods Capture The Crown, and I started jamming these incredibly original riffs, ChuggaBoom was formed from there!

NT: My apologies sir, I did not mean to insinuate anything offensive. Truly, this music is some of the best stuff I’ve heard in recent month. So you said this all started when you were jamming some CTC. Who else are your influences for this band?

FW Thank you, I’m glad you think so! As a band we are really into Asking Alexandria (the old stuff… none of this riffy bullshit that they have nowadays), Attila (the new stuff, none of that riffy bullshit they used to play), BrokenCyde (their lyrics are incredibly deep) and Falling In Reverse (Ronnie Radke is pretty much my idol)

NT: I see I see. You have some amazing music tastes there man. So you’re adamantly against the riffs in metal. Would you say chuggy riffs are the best thing in a metal song, or would the chugg-filled breakdown be better?

FW: Chuggs are love, chuggs are life! There is nothing better than a hard hitting palm muted section! It is such a powerful means of getting your feelings across.
The more breakdowns the better I say! There is a lot of scope for creativity when you limit yourself to one or zero frets!

NT: I agree completely man. Chuggs are the best part of any metal song. These riffs are just holding people back! Related to the chugg question, is there going to be a full length album in the future? And if so, will be filled to the burst limit with head shattering chuggs?

FW: Possibly! We’re just seeing how it goes at this point. If people want a full length, who are we not to provide that? It will be heavy as all hell. Who knows, we might even try to get a featured vocalist on a couple of the tracks. We’ll just see how things evolve!

NT: I would love to see a full length featuring Ronnie and maybe even Chris Fronz! If the reception is as good to that as the EP has been, you guys might get signed to Rise or Fearless. But if you did get signed, who would you want to be the label that represents you?

FW: If we got signed to Rise Records that would be a dream come true! Sumerian would be cool too, although they actually have some bands that play riffs.

NT: I think Rise has the least amount of riffy bands so you’d be awesome there. But I wanna talk about the song “Do You Even Lift, Bro?” and what inspired it. You even called out Rise mainstays Issues in that song. So tell us about that.

FW: Sure! Do you even lift bro is about the struggles of celebrity status. It’s hard! The chorus talks about how becoming big in the music industry can drive people apart. It’s a tough life sometimes. Issues are just too riffy! I said it all in the song – they just need to chug more!

NT: Most bands nowadays could learn a thing or two from you guys. You’re the standard setters now! One more thing about that song that I wanna talk about is the Dahvie references. Tell me about those. Is he a close friend or do you not like him? What is up with that?

FW: He is a very close friend of mine yeah. Whilst I don’t necessarily agree with all the things he chooses to do in his spare time, he’s a nice enough guy! It’s very easy to poke fun at him because he knows that if he said anything back his point would very easily be proven wrong and he’d just be incriminating himself even more! It’s easy to make a friend that will do anything for you when you have evidence of all of his wrong-doings!

NT: Those are the best kinds of friends! You can never go wrong with friends who have to do whatever you tell to. Now, just between us and the reader, does Dahvie really have herpes or what?

FW: Now that is a breach of privacy, and I don’t want to cross that line!

NT: Ah I understand completely. I will withdraw that question.I wanna talk about a couple more things before we wrap this up. Is there anything going on with plans for touring? Is that gonna be a thing in the future?

FW: Possibly! We are still considering the possibility of touring, although like Capture The Crown pointed out recently, touring leaves you nothing but broke. When we become world famous and become one of the only bands that actually sells a platinum album in today’s age of piracy and twerking, I think then we can look at seriously getting out on the road!

NT: Yeah that was horrible. I feel bad for the guys, but sadly that’s the life nowadays. But with the power of chuggs behind you, I think you can truly become the most successful metal band in recent history. The final question I wanna ask you is if you have anything you wanna say to your fans. I know the Chuggalos look up to you, so what do you wanna say to them?

FW: My fellow Chuggalos! Chugg or Die! Buy our EP because it’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

NT: You’re so inspirational. It’s amazing to see that in today’s music scene. Anyways, thank you for your time man. It was an absolute pleasure speaking to you.

FW: Same goes to you my friend! Stay Chuggy!

NT: You too man!